" You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory " -Dr. Suess

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  • perspektive 4w


    Consumed by fear,
    Drowning in insecurity,
    A stream of tears,
    Proceeding a moment of clarity.

    Burnt candle on both ends,
    Staring at the fork in the road,
    Memories along with the present blend
    Through faith drawn is a new map with a new journey that starts to unfold.

    Drawing strength from within
    Pulling the old structure down.
    Tearing down the walls that confine all the broken
    Building a Foundation on solid ground.

    Replacing fear with a beautiful calm,
    Insecurities are pushed out to the edges where they slowly begin to fray.
    The turn you make at that fork In the road is undoubtedly known,
    As you journey through the beginning of a new day.


  • perspektive 5w

    For My Love

    A heart that gives you everything
    A heart in which you live
    For you I'll do anything
    For you I'm giving all the love I can give

    I give you my heart,
    Please keep it safe,
    I pray we never grow apart
    For its you my whole life I've had to wait.

    I share my life with you because you're the only one I want to share the rest of it with
    I'll always treat you right And love you with everything I have
    For when I met you, God gave me the greatest of gifts

    You are the love of my life and I know you know.
    In the deepest place in my heart
    For today and the tomorrow's I'm looking forward to a never ending Love that grows
    Sometimes I just think, " This Is like a fairy tale " for never in life meeting you I ever thought so.

    I remind myself daily to relax and stop over thinking soo much,
    It's as real as ever from the emotional to the physical touch.

    I apologize for asking soo many questions I'll ask no more.
    For you're my happily ever after and everything I adore.

    I need to let go of fear it never served me well.
    You just are the highlight of my life
    As I know for you it's not hard to tell.(lol)

    I'll also stop sending so many memes and just enjoy our life together,
    For I have nothing to fear for i have you forever and ever

  • perspektive 7w

    My Love


    I never had to look hard to find Heaven
    For I found it in you.

    I found in the core of my heart, a love so pure and true.

    For each heart beat has it's purpose,
    Along with every breath I take,
    Everything that exist beneath the surface
    Is an eternity of our love story each day we continue to create.

    I find in you what I've been missing all my life,
    The only reason I exist and fight to survive.

    Wandering this Earth just hanging by a thread,
    Can't believe not too long ago I was almost pronounced dead.

    For if I would of left this Earth,
    I never would of been here to be shown
    The only thing my heart ever desired,
    Today the greatest thing I've known.

    That is the perfection that lies within and all around your being,
    The beauty I look forward to every time seeing.

    Beyond that beauty the naked eye sees, way beneath the surface.

    I cherish ALL that you are..

    For you came into life a picture painted perfect.

    Impossible for me to even illustrate through beautiful poetry how much you mean to me

    How you complete my life,

    How much I love you for exactly how you be.

  • perspektive 23w

    Love, Relationships & Unity

    Pertaining to building " me " up and caring for " me. " I believe you both build one another up while sharing each other's world. Accepting the assets/liabilities of one another, for we are far from perfection, yet we are willing to build on one another as long as the other continues to work on themselves. If not, then it becomes to much weight to try and pull up constantly and it's time to let the love go, if they love you, they will reach back out and pull themselves up. Just a simple take. All in All, together in unity you are strong, divided you fall. #NotSoRandomThoughts

  • perspektive 24w

    A deeper perspective

    Mankind possesses beauty beyond mass measurement. You can line up every human being in the world and it would end in a no contest for each of us possess beauty beyond words. Mankind dresses up beauty in magazines and In Hollywood. God designed us in His image, therefore beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if the beholder holds inside a tainted philosophy molded by the beliefs of obstructive teachings,
    beauty cannot hold purity in one's soul. Therefore seek outside of human conceptionalizations and seek only that coming from a spiritual place. For love and true perspective will come to those who seek it out. For our exterior design, we have no part In the molding, what lies beneath the surface, beyond the view of the naked eye, is our true selves deriving from the heart and soul. If we are gifted the honor of finding this on such a short lived journey on this planet we see the purpose in creation. All beings are of priceless beauty and worth, show compassion for those who know not this invaluable piece of wisdom within themselves. We are all meant to love and co-exist as one race, the human. Somewhere along the way, that purpose In this world was diluted. Thoughts?

  • perspektive 24w

    All Love

    This is me, Love everyone no matter what. All of us are God's children and we all have battles we are fighting that are unseen and within. For everyone one of you out there, I love you and pray for the best and inner peace, love and joy in your life for I do not know one person who said, " Alone in despair with no one is where I want to be to die. " We all seek the same comforts in life, so let's help achieve that by one act of kindness, one five minute conversation about someone else's day, one lent hand, one hug, one kiss, one phone call to tell someone they are loved, ect. It takes one person to make the biggest difference with the smallest effort to be a positive impact on another's life. Why knock someone down, offer a hand and help them up! If you have ever been down before and do not like to be in such a dark and lonely place, why wish that on anyone. I maybe a little this and a little that. What I am 100% is human and I am growing everyday and building in my relationship with God and myself and seeing what joy, comfort and love I can spread to the best of my ability. I encourage this spread, we can't change the world but we can make a difference
    This message brought to you in part by Building a Foundation Towards a Better Life and by Smiles: Each one is a direct achievement :)
    with love and sincerity,

  • perspektive 24w

    Picture Perfect

    Sometimes it is as simple as just noticing the beauty surrounding you/ the miracle of a child's birth/nature. There is beauty surrounding us everywhere, it's a matter of self perception, not perception through another's eyes but yours. Beauty starts by seeing the beauty in the reflection staring back at you in the mirror. You are God's masterpiece, He laid out the pieces to the puzzle, sometimes you need to find those pieces and put it together. #PicturePerfect

  • perspektive 26w

    My Canvas

    Thoughts travel at the speed of light
    grip on the mic doesn't require a grip on my life
    in actuality the words in which I breathe
    are inspired by the times I was brought to my knees
    blinded by a disease In which open my eyes to see
    this wasn't the way I was to be buried six deep
    by my belief in the sunlight of the spirit
    lit torch of guidance to follow through a stage clearance
    my fears hit me with a pass interference
    I stood my ground in faith and resilience
    when the smoke clears my path becomes the same
    as I travel through the next level of this game
    known as life, where perseverance and determination will get you by
    mixed with love and acknowledgement of what really lies inside
    its potential, put on paper with pen or pencil, revealing a power that's so suspenseful.
    it's beautiful calligraphy expressing passion over a beat
    it's your heart and soul that help the blind to see
    or maybe it's a message to let those who listen know they're not alone.
    no matter the story it tells, it derives within heart and soul where truth is exposed and where one can grow.
    when the tip hits the pad, it becomes exposed
    what lies beneath makes contact with the surface
    revealing a little sense of purpose painting across a canvas of priceless worth, picture perfect

  • perspektive 26w

    once upon a rebellious decision
    my life experienced a brief intermission
    based off uneducated decisions
    took that drink, smoked that blunt
    put death in a peezo, smoked away my existence
    for acceptance of the one whose skin i lived in couldn't come to terms with
    high created a being of selfish ambitions, producing a false reality and sense of accomplishment and confidence.
    living a lie that needed to die inside, plant a seed in new soil, to give birth to a tree that branches out into new life.
    one not bathed in acid rain, with leaves that rot, wither and decay
    one that produces enough spark for change
    beautiful calligraphy painted on a canvas expressing love and pain

  • perspektive 38w

    Do you and be the best at it. You are definitely the only one of your kind and have something to bring to the table.

    Sometimes it's not the big round table. Sometimes it's just dinner for two. Regardless, you get the check and you are the company you keep.

    Know your self worth and never ever let another define it for only God has the final judgement. Always remember, God is GOOD and has the best plan for your life!♥️