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  • penvibes 49w

    Labyrinth of thoughts

    Lost in the labyrinth of my thoughts
    Trying hard but cant get out

    Exiled from the city of dark
    My love for it cant end, but I'm out

    Waiting for darkness to find me
    On an empty road, an abandoned route

    My heart is caged, clenched in claws
    Of the evil soul, present beneath the skin

    The terror doesn't terrify me anymore
    As I'm out of course, but my soul cant get out

  • penvibes 50w

    Oo My Love, come to me
    Im in search of you, Oo My Love
    #mirakee #EnglishPoetry #Love

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    Searching for You

    Oo My Love, where have you gone?
    I've been searching for you all around

    Mah dear, The love of mah life
    Come to me, I'm in search of you

    You are the one, one with thousand stars
    On your side, enlightening everything

    I wonder when its the day
    When we will meet and greet

    Following the scent you left, I found a path
    I walked, I ran, I ended up tired

    But then, I finally found something
    Like a diamond lost in surface of the sea

    I went along the scent you left for me
    To follow you, to find you, to see what's the unseen

    I finally reached somewhere, It's up in the cloud
    I ended up finding the fairy land, full of beauty seen nowhere

    But still, you ain't even there and I'm restless
    My dear, I cant find you and still, I'm in search of you

  • penvibes 50w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Confusing

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    Mingled, Bewildered, Unsure

  • penvibes 50w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Fury

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    Brought destruction, demolished everything, His fury, His wrath like none

  • penvibes 50w

    کہاں رہا ہوں؟

    مرے آس پاس کون ہیں؟ میں کیا کر رہا ہوں؟
    جی بھی نہیں رہا مگر مر بھی کہاں رہا ہوں

    یہ شور و غل کیسا ہے؟ لوگ رو کیوں رہے ہیں؟
    بسترِ مرض پر ہی تو ہوں، میں سو بھی کہاں رہا ہوں

  • penvibes 50w

    Night, The Moon and You

    The beauty of whom, I adore the most
    The night, the moon, the dark and YOU