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  • penitdown 54w

    I tell myself, “I am not stuck in this room”
    “I can go out, run, escape, whatever”
    I look around, reach for the door and open it
    But I don’t step out, for I have nowhere to go
    I come back and tell myself, “you are not trapped”

    My sister tells me I am never excited about anything
    She lights up when she shares her mind
    I smile at her glow while words pass by
    My friend (MiMi) was coming over for a night
    My sister kept asking me when, she couldn’t
    and my sister was the one who was disappointed
    She told me, “You are never excited about anything”
    “Is this what midlife crisis is?”
    I just smiled a maybe

    I am not confined but I have nowhere to go
    Excitement is just another feeling
    I don’t feel much or I have felt them
    all too much, now they need to be patched up
    This itself is a feeling, not feeling is a feeling
    If getting up and going about your day is living
    Then feeling numb too is a feeling


  • penitdown 63w

    Deadlines/ phone calls to make/
    meetings promised/ laundry in the
    bin/ dinner at eight / heels to mend/
    in growth of a toenail/ coffee’s already
    cold/ I did flush/ read? / I didn’t write
    again/ bills/ water the plants first/
    ohkay/ calm down


  • penitdown 69w

    My heart; a ball of yarn
    played by the kitten
    for far too long.

    This mind concurs.


  • penitdown 71w

    Keep Burning - New year wishes
    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    We are but the sparks
    flying out of fire,
    nonetheless our
    existence - filled with
    glow and warmth.


  • penitdown 72w

    The lights are lit
    To its will I submit.


  • penitdown 74w

    Grief has its own colours
    and it’s not always black and white
    Sometimes it’s the last petal of cherry blossom
    hanging in against the testy wind
    Sometimes it’s the pale band on a
    finger left by the ring worn for years
    Sometimes it’s a smile slouching on red lips
    Sometimes those dark circles carefully hidden
    by concealer yet prominent to careful eyes
    Sometimes grief is black and white
    And sometimes it’s as plain as the person holding it


  • penitdown 77w

    As the cool winter breeze
    caresses my hair. I can’t help
    but muse over the dichotomy;
    “Oh! How gently cold”. Like love
    stranded alone in an island, miles
    and miles away. Love who lives
    but is ever out of reach.

    I still haven’t given up.


  • penitdown 80w

    In the darkness, I can clearly see
    the insecurities spreading, spinning
    its silver thread across my lungs
    over my heart. Slowly squeezing
    the air out; suffocating, stifling.
    But for once I reach out and in place of cold sheets I find warmth holding me back.


  • penitdown 81w

    Drunken dark clouds
    Flows, follows me
    Raving red eyes
    Scream silently
    It’s the rain
    Incessant rain
    I know the autumn rain
    Wipes the warmth
    I don’t blame you
    Please don’t blame me too.


  • penitdown 83w

    You are like a book
    I read slowly
    Inhaling each page
    Tasting every word
    Sipping each line
    Till they seep into my veins
    Becoming a part of me.