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  • penitdown 1w

    The war is over
    Dust has settled
    Breathing is easier
    Living has taken on the wheels
    and Art the backseat


  • penitdown 8w

    My love blossoms like
    A cherry tree only to
    Fall long with the fall.


  • penitdown 12w

    You know how much I love window seats with a good view, bitter black coffee to balance the sweetness that’s you

    We wait for an eternity to meet for a while
    So much to say but I just smile
    Afraid my words will consume time
    Even then the sun doesn’t pause
    and twilight comes to pass
    Darkness wraps me along
    with the street I drag my feet on

    Many a meetings, greetings and goodbyes
    Yet bidding farewell is an art
    I struggle to appreciate


  • penitdown 14w

    mundane monday
    so are the days that follows
    nothing changes when you are at it
    turn your back for a second and the
    milk is already spilt - cascading foam
    ellie licking it

    resting against left
    vapour makes way out steadily
    matching second hand sliding against green
    million thoughts (may be more) swims
    one bobs up
    a distinct whisper
    “you are pulled towards him because he is a chaos challenging your mundane”
    another says
    “monotony’s a bliss”


  • penitdown 23w

    My heart is naive
    My love is straightforward
    But my lover is not
    I love you is met by why and how
    So I have to weave webs
    some grey and some white
    Like a sheet, like a shield
    Leaving Just enough space to breathe- an illusion of independence and my lover finally believes


  • penitdown 31w

    I stop by the spring and wonder about the secret of its eternal music flowing. But then, I already know it. I have seen others drying up and dying. It’s all in the cycle, she gives endlessly and so the clouds rain down ceaselessly.

    One of the other lies within me too, neither giving nor receiving. Making her way to write an epilogue sluggishly.


  • penitdown 39w

    I tell myself, “I am not stuck in this room”
    “I can go out, run, escape, whatever”
    I look around, reach for the door and open it
    But I don’t step out, for I have nowhere to go
    I come back and tell myself, “you are not trapped”

    My sister tells me I am never excited about anything
    She lights up when she shares her mind
    I smile at her glow while words pass by
    My friend (MiMi) was coming over for a night
    My sister kept asking me when, she couldn’t
    and my sister was the one who was disappointed
    She told me, “You are never excited about anything”
    “Is this what midlife crisis is?”
    I just smiled a maybe

    I am not confined but I have nowhere to go
    Excitement is just another feeling
    I don’t feel much or I have felt them
    all too much, now they need to be patched up
    This itself is a feeling, not feeling is a feeling
    If getting up and going about your day is living
    Then feeling numb too is a feeling


  • penitdown 47w

    Deadlines/ phone calls to make/
    meetings promised/ laundry in the
    bin/ dinner at eight / heels to mend/
    in growth of a toenail/ coffee’s already
    cold/ I did flush/ read? / I didn’t write
    again/ bills/ water the plants first/
    ohkay/ calm down


  • penitdown 53w

    My heart; a ball of yarn
    played by the kitten
    for far too long.

    This mind concurs.


  • penitdown 56w

    Keep Burning - New year wishes
    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    We are but the sparks
    flying out of fire,
    nonetheless our
    existence - filled with
    glow and warmth.