Believe in me, help me believe in anything.

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  • pen_and_paper 1w


    Rib cage body slam,
    Back ache, dead man.
    Hug plug phone man.
    Silver lining, little plans.

    Heart-less, shirtless,
    Dirty and hurt.
    Smirks till retarded,
    Cries when started.

    Tutor, psychics, psychedelics,
    Poison poisonous ivys.
    Get ten points on every mistake,
    Griffin-dork, life at stake.


  • pen_and_paper 2w

    Here's a sad poem about a happy ending.

    Inspired from album, "August and everything after."


    "If she remembers, she hides it, whenever we meet."

    "I had too much to drink, I didn't think of you."

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    Take the way home.

    My circus has fallen down to the end,
    What would I change,
    if I could.

    Your fake train is approaching miles to miles,
    your love must been real tonight.
    You were lying, I was thinking,
    And I was drinking.

    Three hundred sixty five days and more,
    you've been trying to love me.
    And I need a fake love,
    I need a real life,
    I need little wine,
    everything else should die.

    Things I remember, things I forget,
    I don't know what to say,
    But I wish this was a small world,
    I'm too lonely for this big town.

    I need fake love.
    And some wine.

    I need fake love.
    Everything else should die.


  • pen_and_paper 3w

    I need a Sun burn, I need a rain come. You get back to work in town, I'll stay at home with my disease. I have friends who care for me. I have pills which try to keep me awake. There are lies you have left behind on the walls of my building. I have to wipe them and keep them away from me.

    You've that car of yours and it's red, like my blood, and your keys are like bones under my skin. My flesh hanging out like your back seat, torn a little, I've my eyes burning, like the engine heat. But I'm not starting it again and trying to keep myself awake on the bed. Maybe I'll sleep till you return, and I'll have a hundred emotions covering your fan.

    I need a Sun burn, I need a rain come. I'm not worrying, cause I'm already overly concerned, it doesn't bother me the same. There is something in between, but I will always turn my head, I'll not let myself regret, if it's love. I'm not worrying. I'm just overly concerned.

    You're talking in your sleep and it's keeping me awake.

    And I'm not ready for this sort of thing.



    Heavily inspired from many songs.

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    But it rained.

  • pen_and_paper 5w

    "चोरी चोरी हमसे तुम आ कर मिले थे जिस जगह,
    मुद्दतें गुज़रीं पर अब तक वो ठिकाना याद है!

    ..... और दुपट्टे से तेरा वो मुँह छुपाना याद है! "

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  • pen_and_paper 6w

    It's just another afternoon with hot air-ed winds blowing horizontally east to west, it comes with the drip dripping sand castle of nostalgia and shakes my inkpot, I start to write.

    It's just another afternoon with August arriving in the beginning of March, both head of to the year, it's something I wait for, every year, something I wish to last.

    It's just another afternoon with Sun spotted on the middle of the sky, shading the moon to die of light, yet the curtains shiver of the breeze and aloevera plants down the balcony lean a little more to let the dust past through it.

    It's just another afternoon with the springs singing for the May queen, it's the time of the year, when the lotus pokes the pond and tulips bloom. It's the arrival of the first one to arrive and second one to diffuse, it's the departure of the shallow black waters inside the mud.

    PS- This is my favorite phase of the year.

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    All that no good to think, no good to say, no good to write. All that no good to write.

    ~London Fields. (2018)

  • pen_and_paper 7w

    There's time to kill when you sit over the beach or something like that. A place where it's all alone and empty, but it's peaceful cause of both. Emptiness don't weigh more than a ton, and that's the weight we can bear always.

    Who knew that we could kill the most mysterious creation ever, so easily and doubt it to be meaningful, like cutting a beam of light and then bandaging it with a virtual piece of paper with a name on it.

    Who knew we could be happy just like that, waiting for the hope, with a hope, through hope that hope would heal. Hope heals insane, hope carries on sane.

    Hope destroys many and warns beforehand, hope is just another name for the time and synonymous of a numerous monopolies.

    Sitting on the sand is better, you can stop time and forget hope, then realise how easy it was always till you've to stand up and throw the beer in your hand in the ocean and when you look back, you'll see time never stopped and hope, it drowned with the bottle, yet you still have the sand grains smitten to your palms, a new photo and another hope that hope never drowns, if floats, like time can't be killed, it just passes.


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    "So, what do you wanna do? Because we can literally do anything."

    ~The end of the fuckin world.

  • pen_and_paper 8w

    It rings on the surface of the leaves,
    My name scattered over walls,
    My shadow caged in a jar,
    and the Sun volunteers for it.

    It's night, I get free from the day.
    And light shrugs off all the colors,
    Absorbs them for the darkness,
    my mind hits the clock,
    the clock kisses two.

    I got a pen and a poem comes out of it,
    I write it down, never lose hope.
    I was watching Danny Collins a while ago,
    made me think where I really wanna go.

    So, I'll let myself for a wait.
    I hold the hands of the weather,
    warm warmer then cold.
    It's a song more than just one more feeling to hold.

    This is then for the future,
    Like everything till the date,
    I've done or I haven't,
    but I don't know why,
    Tonight feels special.
    Tonight seems so good.
    My bed feels so tight,
    My head is a little light.
    I'll wait for the calendar to unwrap,
    My days are gonna be good if not perfect.


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    I don't like noodles.
    Makes me think of worms.

    ~Danny Collins

  • pen_and_paper 8w

    When I look into your eyes.
    I can see a love restrained.
    But darlin' when I hold you,
    Don't you know I feel the same.
    Nothin' lasts forever,
    And we both know hearts can change.
    And it's hard to hold a candle,

    In the cold November rain.
    We've been through this such a long long time.
    Just tryin' to kill the pain,

    But love is always coming
    and love is always going.
    And no one's really sure,
    who's lettin' go today.
    Walking away
    If we could take the time
    To lay it on the line
    I could rest my head
    Just knowin' that you were mine,
    All mine
    So if you want to love me
    Then darlin' don't refrain
    Or I'll just end up walkin'
    In the cold November rain.

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  • pen_and_paper 8w

    This poem is senseless cause it's loosely based on my dreams.

    Also, @my_cup_of_poetry




    Thank you.

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    There's a poem,
    I've written on the last pizza I ate.
    There's a song about some tragedies,
    which I love more than anything.
    They're engraved on the tissue paper,
    I wiped my hands with,
    and threw it away while listening to Opeth.

    There's a vulture, looking for my eyes.
    In the abyss somewhere dark.
    I'll meet him someday when I'd feel like,
    I wanna spend my life in that burning train.

    There's happiness feeding my bones,
    like I saw her for the first time.
    I'd bend my knees in front of a stone.
    I'd weep for you, in my contentment.

    There's a plastic bag, I've carrying through,
    I'd give someone to eat it whole,
    for black is my color,
    blackish is my soul.
    I'd love you better,
    and kill you before.


  • pen_and_paper 10w


    Why is darkness so beautiful.
    Like you'll leave everything for it.
    Even light, even the smallest of it's peeps.
    And you'll get nothing outta it.

    Don't be it, the black.
    I've been coming to light slowly.
    And seen it's beauty.
    Seen the hope in it.
    You know,

    Hope is beautiful.
    Beauty is light.
    Light is darkness.