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  • pema_z 43w

    I miss those days when backpack hung over my shoulder didn't felt as heavy enough as my heart is now.

    I miss those young days when I used to smile by habit, not by choice.Today I hardly do even if you force me to do it thrice.Though to love and smile by choice hits out of my aura.

    I miss those days when my coach said take to the hoop,but all I could do was dribble the ball.But later I realized that game played inside the court was similar to life - progress.

    I miss those nostalgic days spent in the hallway of our staircase where my fellow friend used to play guitar accompanied by my vocal singing "Whiskey Lullaby".Dear Braid...I knew we were too young to sing this song-
    'He put the bottle to his head and pulled the trigger'
    And finally drank away her memory.
    But now my voice sounds like a shout in an oblivion.

    I miss the volume of laughter we made while heading our way to any place.Honestly, today it feels like I haven't laughed in a decade.

    I miss those foggy,dizzy days spent in a classroom with a huge crowd of peoples .All with their own opinions,dreams and goals.We called them friends.Promising one another of doing things together,walking the same path of life was the promise of e every friendship ever existed.My big sobby heart couldn't digest the lie.So I simply used to put my head down and sing a song ,none has heard, make a lyrics, none can decode.Because one day your friends gonna surely change and you need to accept the fact that you've changed too.

    But I must say everyone has sailed so far ,no matter how small or big your goals may seems like.Lest,to be fail you've grown stronger.I hope when you look back to the days you lived ,the memories only gives you joy and satisfaction.I hope hearing the name of a person who broke your heart in high school for the first time no more gives you a reason to be sad.I hope you are seeing life in a wider angle,with a new crowd of people welcoming fresh opportunities.
    I hope you are doing well.

  • pema_z 57w

    Trifle efforts matters a lot.✨
    But once you let go of people who don't value your effort.
    Your mind will be at peace and heart at ease.✨


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    Always be brave , brave enough to turn over to exit door if your efforts are not being valued.
    Rather manipulate that effort in finding self-worth.

  • pema_z 61w


    I have been walking,
    on this land for a very long time.
    Have seen humans of
    different colours and of different kinds.
    Some hued in a dark shades
    some are exclusive monochromous.
    Yet,I believe
    every being is a selcouth here.

    Every being is a selcouth here.
    Regardless of what they appear,
    inside the accustomed veil.
    You are a lame,if you claim
    having black skin is a shame.
    Remember when have a petite cut
    we bleed the same colour of blood.
    Flaunt your skin
    for you are worth within.

    As we all are one.
    Though not from the same town
    but from the same source,
    in this universe of discourse.
    Heads under the deep blue sky,
    Feets above the prolific dark soil.
    Stand firm and sprout up above.
    Every being is a selcouth here.


  • pema_z 65w


    The day is not yet over,
    night seems little far.
    Little drizzle and sunrays
    are at its par.
    Yellow shaded beam kissed
    the dark green valley
    piercing the fluffy clouds.
    Waving last goodbye
    Promising lovers,we will
    meet again even if the
    clouds refuse to give us fine-line,
    I will never hide.
    Ah!My heart sighed,
    Aesthetic feelings,worn-out thoughts
    Hasn't stopped growing
    Though I don't prune it everyday
    Well,I am just an earthling
    a passer-by with
    no vouch of death and life
    Just savouring the eternal nature.
    Adding some hues to
    mundane life.


  • pema_z 67w

    We've reached that stage of life where humans are fear of humans.They flee,they hide,devoid of touch.
    My heart can't take this.

    Hoping against hope.


  • pema_z 68w


    I wish people's mind to be as wide as the blue sky.

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    As I opened my eyes
    I felt a deep void
    with the rise.
    I stumbled and tried
    to flee
    but I couldn't do it right
    because my feet completely
    glued there like a firm tree,
    devoid of being free.
    Meanwhile as I glanced
    through the window pane
    I felt like the whole world
    appeared in front of my eyes
    The silver lining of the cloud
    hovering the deep green valley.
    And unfathomably my soul murmured,

    Before I die I want to see
    the different colours of the sky.

    Before I die I want to see
    the different colours of the sky.


  • pema_z 69w

    We're all flawed humans just forcing one another to treat us well.

  • pema_z 71w

    Be careful of your hunger.
    Don't let it crave for something that can never be yours.
    Don't let your eyes fall for someone who can never fall for your words.

  • pema_z 78w

    Growing never stops and learning should never be stopped.

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    You need to grow through by what you go through.

  • pema_z 79w

    Different is attractive.