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  • pearlpoetry 1d

    Though I stand beside you..
    I still miss your presence.
    Is it me or you...?
    Who lost who..
    In this world..
    In chaos.

  • pearlpoetry 2w

    Every night.

    I'm afraid to sleep...
    In this quite night.
    While I'm just breathless..
    And helpless all time..

    Where I can hear the silence..
    Or it's just my heart beating...
    Faster than the usual.
    Causing anxiety about the day.

    I miss myself..
    When I slept all night..
    Never worried about anything..
    As brave and joyful as ever.

    I lost that little girl..
    Among this huge crowd..
    Where everything is chaotic...
    Calmness was blown..

    I just couldn't...
    Keep myself together..
    Like I have never known peace..
    And I never had love.

    And every night..
    I beat up myself...
    Thinking about every mistake..
    And pain I gained.

    Every single road I took..
    In this chaotic lanes..
    Where I lost myself..
    Many many times.

    And..afraid of the tomorrow..
    I spent the night..all awake..
    Thinking of the changes I made..
    Overthinking about the mistakes I made.

    I miss myself..more today.
    I miss myself...than all this pain.

  • pearlpoetry 2w

    You...hid your parts deep under my soul.
    They remained the darkest secrets...
    With no key to let them out.
    I try to find ways through my bitter ink..
    Spilled all over tarnished pages..
    Of my gloomy poetry.

  • pearlpoetry 2w

    I'm not weak...
    I'm just tired of all your deeds.

  • pearlpoetry 2w

    I did not lose myself...
    You just lost patience...
    To look at the..broken me.

  • pearlpoetry 2w

    Wild souls aren't tamed.
    They are just jailed.

  • pearlpoetry 2w

    Somewhere in between..
    The lonely nights..
    And chaotic days of my life..
    I strive to find peace in your eyes.

  • pearlpoetry 2w

    Not all stars shine bright in the sky...
    Some fall to shower the light.

  • pearlpoetry 2w

    She looked at the storms..
    And found beauty in rain.

    She saw a burning stick..
    And found warmth within.

    She found the world in you...
    But couldn't see the real you.

  • pearlpoetry 2w

    And then one day....
    I also left my cold hands...
    And I had nothing..
    But, the memories.