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  • patilsejal 114w

    By unknown writer

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    Tujhe Barish pasand hai
    Mujhe Barish main tu pasand hai......

    Tujhe Hasana pasand hai
    Mujhe Hasate waqt tu pasand hai....

    Tujhe Baatein karna pasand hai
    Mujhe Tujse Baatein karna pasand hai...

    Tujhe Sab pasand hai
    Par mujhe srif Tu.... ❤❤

  • patilsejal 114w


    Sometimes we depressed about our relations
    With a person in Past n Present.
    Everyone in life goes through this stage.
    But we have to deal with it
    And Sooner or Later everyone accepts this.

    Just see in urself, we are also same.
    We also don't know that at which moment we change...
    So, Why expecting from others?

    The only thing that is definite about
    Human Being is that they will Change..
    So just keep ,
    Least Expectations n Most Acceptance
    And accept the Change...
    Becoz Life is too short to find the reason behind the Changes....!!!

  • patilsejal 122w


    We feel great
    When everything is sorted out
    All the anger, fear, hesitation & insecurities
    We just throw them out of our life
    Becoz we will always have some issues in our life.
    Some issues will be solved
    While some might escalate
    In order to solve this issues..
    We will be always on the run, we will keep fighting
    And we will always try to find something or the other
    But sometimes....
    All we need for our sanity is THAT ONE CALL..
    That takes us to that happy place where we are ourselves
    We need that one safe place where we laugh our heart out and cry
    That ONE CALL to that person who feels us like the home....
    And FRIENDS are the always ones who feels like the home...
    Sometimes all it takes is A PHONE CALL..
    MAKE IT !!!

  • patilsejal 124w


    Koi toh ho..
    Jo tumhe harwaqt chidhaye
    Bewajah tumhara nam le
    Mummy papa se dat dilaye
    Uske kiye huye harkato ki mar tumhe padvaye
    T. V ke remote ko lekar lade
    Aur harwaqt pareshan kare

    Koi toh ho...
    Jisse hum bst frnd ki tarah sare bate share kare
    Musibat aane par tumhare sath nhi tumhare Aage khada ho
    Chahe kitni bhi ladhai karta ho par
    Tumse khudse bhi jyada pyarr kare
    Having brother is really bless!!

  • patilsejal 126w

    Silent memories..

    The phone rung
    And the name she waited to flash on screen, was there
    Within a second the sleep gone, heartbeat increases n she blush uncontrollably..
    "Should we met? " He asked
    And for that one moment
    Everything was perfect.
    Though there is no relationship
    But still she is committed
    Her love is like waiting for a boat on airport
    But some feelings never left ,
    Like an echo that always comes back...❤

  • patilsejal 126w

    Waqt kisi ka Nhi hota
    Pyaar Har kisi ka Nhi hota....

  • patilsejal 127w

    One fine day, once again
    I sat by the window, kept my tea on the ledge
    I was feeling the same kind of senseless again..
    Today again May's sun was better than monsoon
    Under this sun, if I could see him
    I hoped that I would fall in love with love again..

    "Phela Nasha " Played in the background as always..
    To be honest
    It wasn't the first but like everytime
    It felt like the first
    I had lost my heart to his every profile picture
    Upon seeing him, the rest of the crowd disappear.

    A girl who wore ripped jeans n t-shirts
    Was full of feminine nuances
    And whose fun I made of until yesterday
    Today, I became that same stupid person‍♀

    Every love story is more romantic than mine
    But I felt that every movie was made about me..
    The swaying branch of love was now held by someone
    And then whatever happens was inevitable
    The leaves of love dried up
    I was back to my previous status, from window to sofa

    But friends, it's not a very sad thing
    It will rain without clouds again..
    New dreams will build a home by this window right here.....


  • patilsejal 131w

    Don't make promises
    If u can't keep them,
    Becoz Broken promises
    Breaks the heart..

  • patilsejal 132w

    बोलता बोलता काही जण रुसुन जातात
    चालता चालता हातातले हात सुटून जातात
    म्हणता की मैत्रीचे नाते खुप नाजुक असते
    कारण ,
    इथे हसता हसता डोळे नकळत भरुन येतात..

  • patilsejal 146w

    Happy birthday ShreyA..

    Live beautifully, Love generously, Laugh freely. May ur all wishes n dreams come true. Whatever u ask may u receive, whatever u search may u find, whatever u wish may it be fulfilled. Ur the one who understand my thoughts by seeing my Smile... , the one who always being there to listen my pointless things‍♀, the one who gives me advice about everything from pics to post to chooses of food placesThe one with whom I share my happiness n my grief too.. Just want to tell u that Enjoy ur every moment, don't be sad on things that doesn't matter, life doesn't stop for anybody... So just be urself ❤n filled ur life with joy n happiness Love u ❤# Chaman #A person I found with the same mental disorder.. #overthinkers# writers... ( un thoughts ke aage to kuch bhi nhi ) #...................#