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  • patilsejal 54w

    Road Trip

    I want to go on a road trip
    Just you, me, the highway n the radio

    The blue sky, the black roads n windows down
    We'll talk about everything, n nothing, n we'll sing our hearts out

    Make memories we'll never ever forget
    Just You n Me ❤

  • patilsejal 61w

    Love is like WINE..
    The older it gets
    The better it becomes ❤

  • patilsejal 61w

    You do not always need a plan .
    Sometimes all u need is a little trust ,
    Trust what life offers u ,
    Take a deep breath n let go of ur inhibitions .
    Once u do that , life presents to u all the miracles it is capable of .
    Relax n let life take control of itself.. ✨

  • patilsejal 76w

    I am not sure what Soulmate is..
    But I am very sure that Soulmates
    Do not destroy souls ...

  • patilsejal 96w

    Every morning they wake up to each other's texts with a smile on their face.
    His morning texts not only makes her feel blessed but it just lights up her day totally.
    He is a perfect mixture of all the cuteness, hotness, smartness, care n love
    His flirty texts ones r those things which she waited for everyday.
    Going to bed without hearing from him has become near to impossible.
    He know her so well that he can just look at her n ask, 'What happened'.
    The one who is so good at making her laugh at his lame jokes.
    The one who truly love her.
    The one who take care of her every little thing.
    The one who handle all her mood swings.
    The one who make her happy and be part of her dreams.
    He is a book full of poems and she read him like a Love story.
    It is the little things that make her glow...!!

  • patilsejal 98w

    What is LOVE ?

    For me
    Love is when u find a shoulder other than our Maa , Papa to fearlessly cry on...
    When u find someone who can hold u in every hard situation
    It's all about thinking someone everytime..❤

  • patilsejal 99w


    Happiness comes from depth of their eyes...
    Laughter spread through thier smiles...
    Dance motivates from their steps...

    Mom's happiness, Dad's pride...
    Brothers smile keeper, sisters gossiper...
    OMG ,She's little dada's princess...

  • patilsejal 105w

    Ab dil mehfilose darne lag gaya hai
    Aakhain kisi aur se milne se phele hi piche hatti hai
    Khuda tuze bhi ek din aisa dikhaye,
    Kyu ki tuze bhi to pata chale
    Ki bhige hue takiye pe raat kaisi katti hai
    Kaise chupke chupke roya jata hai
    Kaise palko ke sath sath hato ko bhi bhigoya jata hai....!!

  • patilsejal 106w

    Mere har khab ki tabir Tu hi hai
    Lakire he to takdir Tu hai...

    Mere njaromein zake koi to
    Dikhe jo pyaar ki tasvir hum ho... ❤

  • patilsejal 106w

    Bahot haq hai tera mujhpe
    Tu jataya Kar.....

    Koi na bhi mane to
    Tu akar mujhe bataya kar...