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  • patiencemagara 13w

    I would rather weave a poem with your leftover memories than suffocate myself with the glimpses of pictures that hang graciously in my mind


  • patiencemagara 17w

    A question that precedes action . Is it worth it? Is what you will do a moment from now worth it? The words spoken in anger ,the hurt and pain inflicted on others to satisfy your own selfish agendas,is it ever worth it ? The emotional toll ,the stress that warms its way up to depression,the sleepless night, questioning your self worth because someone does not appreciate the beauty of your mind,body and soul,is holding on to something you can't have or change worth it? Being at war with your own mind ,leaving it with the burden of a lie that appears as though true .Is it ever worth it?

  • patiencemagara 18w

    Love wins

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    Because I care

    Hear me now ,thou knowest my
    transgressions but judge me not ,
    Recite my redeemed right to correctly improvise my inner feelings.Because I care,take mine heart and conjoin it with thine own. Infiltrate into my system and teach me love. Flamboyantly I recruit and select whom i adorn,expagorate the unwanted and attract only the necessary.
    Embrace me now because I care,resist not this love I pridefully distribute,even in anger ,I will love you always. Because I care .

  • patiencemagara 19w

    And in that jumbo I will learn to find the yes in the no.


  • patiencemagara 20w

    Me before you

    They say I'm selfish.
    For finally choosing me,for finally going for what I want .
    I finally put myself first ,my happiness first. I walk away from anything and everything toxic,anything that does not add to my peace of mind I leave! I have put walls of boundaries around me,I only let certain people in and others I leave them outside . Me first. If you think that's selfish,then maybe I am .

  • patiencemagara 23w

    A woman's glory

    I lay in wait ,for a moment yet to come
    Where my maiden will realize her worth,
    Or discover the power in her voice ,the
    Beauty in her walk,and fix the crown
    On her head.
    Where she will understand that her fellow
    woman is not a tower to dismantle but a
    Kingdom to build. That is the ultimate woman's glory !

  • patiencemagara 23w

    Will you be my beginning,my middle my end?!

  • patiencemagara 23w

    Happy Mother's Day

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    Happy Mother's Day to every mommy !!To every pregnant mommy! To every mommy that carried and lost . To every mommy who's hearts are walking outside their bodies! Even to the mommies that didn't stick around long enough to see their products grow. We love you,we celebrate you!!!!!!!Happy Mother's Day!!!!💛❤️🌻

  • patiencemagara 24w

    I wrote a chapter mom,on self love,it ended up being 200 pages ,an entire book,for me,by me on loving me right.As I open the pages with caution I'm relearning her all over again. Her love language,her fears ,her deepest thoughts,need I say I wasn't quite surprised,she's always been a feisty one.
    Your daughter


  • patiencemagara 25w

    Always remember,progress no matter how small is still progress.