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  • patelabdulrehman5 49w

    By unknown writer

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    Premonitions surfing through abysmal confinement
    Thoughts unable to scale the walls so high,
    Tempestuous growling cannot shun the reverie
    Ears have gone bitter from its harrowing cry

    Accumulated between the sterile cracks of wisdom
    Only found upon the soil's subtle quiver,
    Beneath them all lies a mystery
    Which upon inspection displays a fading vigor.

    Though embedded deep, this mystery remains at stake
    With the bleak foundation threatening to subside,
    But this baleful risk its forever prepared to take,
    For until Israfil blows his trumpet, these secrets will eternally hide.


  • patelabdulrehman5 64w

    Sing to me, the imperceptible silence in this room is deafening
    Painted across the walls in blue our souls are screaming out
    Weathered, battered, beaten and bruised
    It's collateral cracks are sealed with nothing but doubt.

    Escape is not an arbitrary choice,
    But the temptation too strong to resist
    Eeriness creeping, not a sound of your voice
    This is proof that Hell indeed does exist

    No soul can enter, inside can stay
    No twisted Labyrinth seemingly in sight
    How often we fathom, our years we start to count
    How we've fallen prey to this merciless plight

    Fading emotions cease to exist,
    Ephemeral melody is all it takes
    Search not for the light around, search from within
    For then you will slowly but surely start to see the vision amidst this haze.


  • patelabdulrehman5 85w

    Consumed by overwhelming guilt and diminishing wit
    Trying to climb out of the burning, melting pot
    Keeps failing at trying to reach for the edge
    So much so that he'd rather sit at the bottom and rot

    "There's only one way for your ship to sail again, wait for the times of high tide"
    "Servant of the Merciful, think not twice of His mercy" they say
    But he feels a compelling presence of Lucifer by his side.

    Led astray by the circumstances he's been bred in,
    He feels lost even after his ship's out at sea
    Feelings of sanguinity cease to exist from within
    But there is a wave of utopia destined for him, that he can barely foresee.

    Slowly but steadily, he's carried by the waves towards a glimmer
    A glimmer of light he seems to perceive as a place where he can dwell;
    But he does not know whether he's approaching the light, or just forever sailing parallel.


  • patelabdulrehman5 123w

    Me and you together, embarking on our sweet escape
    There's no boundary we won't cross,
    No risk that we won't take

    Let the inevitability of the path embrace us in our prime
    and with every step, farther than the cages of our mortal minds

    Let our souls seek the freedom they forever live to yearn
    While beauty graces our paths, after each and every turn

    Let nature's harmony embrace our agonizing fears
    While the wind keeps drying away all our sorrowful tears

    No one really knows what's waiting on the other side
    But let's cherish every moment,
    it'll be one hell of a ride.


  • patelabdulrehman5 171w

    You heard me when I was down and broken,
    Taught me how to look beautiful on the inside,
    And even though the world was against you
    You were still with me through this terrifying ride.
    From that deep abyss you lifted me,
    Brought me to a place so full of warmth and comfort,
    You didn't have to heal my pain for me but you did,
    And in doing so, I could see that you too were getting hurt.
    You sacrificed it all for me, gave me your love and attention
    While I kept suffering through mental agony, pain and even some cold frustration.
    For many others, I wouldn't even lift mere boulders,
    But for you, I was ready to carry the whole world on my shoulders.

  • patelabdulrehman5 172w

    In your mind, I see the demons that you've been hiding.
    In your eyes, I see the guilt that's slowly been rising.
    In your heart, I feel the pain hidden beneath the shame.
    I could feel your spirit dying on the very first moment that you came.
    I could hear the voice inside you screaming and breaking,
    Along with all the happiness that I figured you had been faking.
    I could see you trying to keep the monsters inside you caged,
    While all along, all you did was try to fade.
    I could see the person you were becoming,
    Deep inside your veins, I could feel the lies running.
    In your soul, I saw a broken spirit.
    All I could do was wish that others, too, could hear it.
    I could see you turn into something so destructive,
    Your mind was so dangerous and your soul had been abducted.
    But the only reason why I gave you so much attention,
    Was because in you, I could see myself as a reflection.

  • patelabdulrehman5 187w

    Let's just wander off the world
    Let's just leave our front doors behind
    Let the silence of the moment embrace us
    While we go to places hard to find.
    Let's forget all the mistakes we made in the past
    We'll start writing a book brand new
    While we travel through all the forests
    Whose air has left behind beautiful little drops of dew.
    Let the air get thinner when we follow the clouds as they roam
    Don't worry, we'll soon arrive at the place
    That place, that we can call our home.

  • patelabdulrehman5 188w

    You Asked Me

    You asked me if I would ever get over her. You asked me if I could ever not think, of a moment so perfect, with her. You asked me if I would ever just stop talking to her and move on, the more logical thing to do. You asked me whether I would be okay. Whether the pain was real or not. Whether my pillow would not feel like a pool anymore. Whether my tissue boxes would not get used up so quickly anymore. You kept asking, while I kept quiet. "Why aren't you saying anything?" You asked. Little did you know, and how could I tell you, that you were the one responsible for this, the one I would always refer to as 'her'.