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  • passionatewriter007 1w


    'It is a unique quality it is hard to get but if one's understand this and speak i am with you and explains to you what mistake have you made so trust will never break.

  • passionatewriter007 3w


    'It's a combination of two souls that is made by heaven's creature and when it comes to earth it is in the form of marriage. so it's a special way of living, caring and loving. Stay happy and i wish your souls to be attached to each other as long as there is heaven.'
    "Happy Marriage"

  • passionatewriter007 35w

    'Happy Birthday'

    "An unique day of everyone's life that we always remember, so we can live each day as our birth day because happiness is the main thing that we celebrate and all day's are happy in our life so make every day our birthday."
    Wish you Happiness.

  • passionatewriter007 45w


    'it is not same for all but it only creates with our special ones whom we tell our inside feeling.'

  • passionatewriter007 51w


    A uniqueness of life.
    "It can attract someone, but it only connects them to whom our soul wants to connect".

  • passionatewriter007 53w


    M: Mysterious
    O: Omnipresent
    T: True
    H: Honest
    E: Esoteric
    R: Realm
    There are many similarities between 'Word' and 'World' but MOTHER is not just a 'Word' she is our 'World' with love for all..

  • passionatewriter007 54w


    "There is always some situations around us, so never put down a person in hope."

  • passionatewriter007 54w


    "A speciality that has never been defined by anyone,
    it's an expression that comes when feel from inside."

  • passionatewriter007 54w


    "A transparency of water is seen, but always remember time is not transparent but it always flow faster than water."

  • passionatewriter007 54w


    "it's an expensive thing so don't show it to everyone."