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  • parileena_d 8w

    Sometimes we all need that someone to fill the void inside.


  • parileena_d 24w


    You're so far away.
    You're out of my reach.
    But why do I still long for your love?
    Hope is all I have now to believe.
    I really don't know what I just wrote.
    But 1 thing is clear,
    That I love you a lot.

  • parileena_d 32w

    I wish I had a time machine.
    To undo all the bad memories.
    To re-live all the good ones.
    To make right all the wrongs I have done.
    To get back all the people I have lost.
    But, duh!
    These things aren't going to change.
    Unlucky me!
    Will have to live with all the guilts.

  • parileena_d 35w

    Can we really forget the person who has given us so much to remember?

  • parileena_d 41w

    Gosh! I don't want to give this board exam now! ��

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    On what should I give my focus on?
    Studies or the shits going on in my life or the shitty decisions the government is taking?

  • parileena_d 42w

    Sometimes we get short of words to express our feelings.

  • parileena_d 43w

    Twilight existence of good and evil exist everywhere.

  • parileena_d 45w

    Others: Love is a beautiful feeling

    Me after studying science for 5 mins:

    Love is a hormonal feeling controlled by the brain

  • parileena_d 45w

    Roses are red
    Skies are blue
    My love for anyone
    Is not true☺

  • parileena_d 46w

    Pain is inevitable.