glimmer is sugarcoating,not you my sweetheart. you are just a blessing,who fulfills my beating heart.

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  • parari 4w

    No matter how good or bad U r
    U r always considered a puppet
    Just a change is that sometimes it is considered In a positive or in a negative way.

  • parari 6w

    If in a flimsy condition is the fair....
    In a dizzy death of prayer...
    There stays a beloved queen of hopes...
    Perishing the darky atmosphere...
    The remembrance of her...
    Made me delighted out of a day....
    To engross her's mind...
    For relief.....
    For attempting non biasness
    trying to call the gentle queen to hug my ground..
    To hug my ground....
    After seeking her....
    I really believe that she owes the tiara of my near ground..
    Ohh,Of my dear ground

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    Greatly stone

    Ohh the fairy,please come and chase me around
    U really deserves my greatly stone in tiara which is fallen down...

  • parari 6w

    The truth

    After talking shitty people around
    And now l feel l should have a talk with my mirror which would heel my inner self
    So that l could be relieved not by words.
    But seeing my ownself that someone is there for me always utter most truth.
    It would be me, and only me.
    And the most trust worthy who can never cheat and l can rely upon with blindfold trust...

  • parari 6w

    Happiness is locked....
    By haters who ingroved.
    Dizziness has cherished my inner dullness.
    To increase its growth..
    Hopefully l am least shy..
    To offer them a deal.....
    Which would make all of the obstacles or troubles far away from me...
    far away from me...
    Now l have a chance to discover the key..
    And unlock my all the melodies melody..

  • parari 6w

    Haad sei jyaada innocent yaa fhir haad sei jyaada innovative log pagal Kar ke rakh dete hai itne Suspense tho serial mei bhi nhi hote hai

  • parari 6w

    Everything we hear is an suggestion,not a certitude.
    Everything we see is a viewpoint,not the reality.

  • parari 6w

    Khush hote hum ager khud sei karte hum apne ko pyaar...
    Khush hote hum ager khud sei karte hum apne ko pyaar...
    Log jo yeh chutiye bhanate hai uss sei ek bhaar bhaach tho jaate yaar

  • parari 41w

    You are my life.

    You trigger my heart to beat faster in a good way.
    Every minute of every day would be beautiful if you were with me.,

  • parari 42w

    ek tarfa pyaar sabhi nahi kar pate..
    main toh kush nasheeb hoon ki tumah itna pyaar karta hoon
    pata hai apko mera ek dost tha..
    bohot zidi tha kitna bhi manao mantai nahi tha...
    woh bolta thaa ki woh sirf ek ladki ko pyaar karega.. woh ho tum..
    aur mera dost tha mera dil

  • parari 42w

    For my crush

    Falling in love is easy but expressing it in words is tough. Actually you are not so far from me. You are in my heart,and u will be always there. i saw you in my dreams since long time ago. You are like a beautiful melody that doesn't go out from my head. I am very lucky to have you in my life. I have never been so happy with anyone or such feeling with anyone. I want to tell you that you means the world to me. You are the reason why I smile in the morning and dream at night.

    I love you my crush