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    Ye MI wale bowler kharidna bhul gye kya.

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    Kendi hundi si , mai bajrang dal wali hu.

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    Prejudices can kill your opportunities , but cannot kill your zeal to reach there.


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    How to love yourself

    Have patience , focus on the dream
    Plan your success , complete step by step
    Be better with time , time is money
    Don't compare , just aspire to be better than them
    Try to achieve things without harming health
    Attempt every solution , before giving up
    Be in the company of those who guide you
    Always look for the space , that supports your work.

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    Men will be men

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    Common dreams of men

    Although men will try to do different things in their life , but there are some dreams make them sail on the same boat
    Despite altering routes
    they converge to a same coast

    This one is everyone's favourite
    As long as ,young and unmarried
    Just want to find a girl
    Beautiful , smart , they could cherished

    Once in the lifetime , want to serve an army
    Patriotism , fighting spirit , inherited in them
    Many martyred , many to come
    Still no fear , motivation remain in them

    Hone skills in sport is next dream in line
    Whether indoor or outdoor , always keen to be perfect , advanced , fast , and tirelessly aligned.

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    A variant.

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    Now it's omicron

    Who knows one day, the cool looking Greek alphabet, would become spine chilling things to hear , scariest things to say and terrifying things to ponder .who knows an invincible virus would halt the life to revamp it , So that it goes on and on and on and on .............

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    Few clicks away .......

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    Digital friendship a new norm

    Just before a second they were strangers ,
    just after a second they were friends, what makes them acquant with each other in trivial time , here they talk more , enjoy more, know each other more, share their views more, but meet less . You are just few clicks away from becoming boon companion . Just a common purpose to share and you are friends forever , it is digital friendship bringing people together .