i rant here S̶o̶m̶e̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ Everything inside me hurts

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  • paper_planes 10w

    Song inspired. Nothing real.

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    How much i love you
    If only i could ever say
    This rollercoaster ride
    You send my poor heart on
    If only i could ever say
    If only
    I could,
    I'd say
    I'd scream

    How you've never made me anxious
    Or doubt myself, sweet thing

    But you make me fall in love
    With love everyday

    If only i could ever say
    I'd tell you
    I've never felt this heard
    I've never felt this complete
    I've never felt like myself
    In so very long

    //Oh, I'm writing about you,
    Are you thinking about me? //


  • paper_planes 20w

    Hey, i am writing about you. Are you thinking about me?

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    You are the only thing keeping me sane
    as these days I'm on the verge
    hanging by a mere branch
    that will break soon
    and yet I dare to smile,
    everytime you look at me

    oh how in your eyes
    i have found peace

    oh how you are
    my haven

    -pp//for love

  • paper_planes 28w


    I am chaos,
    held together by
    a thin string of love
    and on days when the string loosens
    I am the rain, and the thunder
    that pours from the sky
    falls, breaks and dies

    //I am chaos,
    who dies many deaths
    but never lives//


  • paper_planes 28w


    I am a rhyme less poem
    the poet abandoned
    halfway through
    and ran away

    'You reek of darkness;
    the one that swallow all light.'
    He had screamed

    Ever since then,
    I have befriended storms
    and they tell me

    'You're more than a speck of darkness little one,
    you're the whole wide universe within yourself.'

    and I sleep, to the sound of thunder

    //I am a poem, taking shelter in the sky//


  • paper_planes 28w


    I am a fragment of my past,
    half soaked in heartaches
    that stains my poems
    every now and then
    with blue

    I am bits and pieces
    of places and people
    that live in me
    even when,
    I died in them ages ago

    //? //


  • paper_planes 30w

    Face masks

    To be able to hide my face
    whilst I walk through a crowd
    or sit next to a stranger in the subway,
    as the fabric
    hides one stack of my insecurities away
    I smile, yawn, frown and at times
    sit with a plain face
    that looks and feels dead
    and no pair of eyes
    would track the scars
    on my skin or under

    My chapped lips
    uneven and faint
    hide away my teeth
    perfectly symmetrical
    but too big
    and less white
    with every passing day
    as if the stains of my sins
    slowly imprint themselves
    on the enamel and
    rot my teeth away;
    and then my smile
    that spreads
    all the way
    ear to ear
    hiding away only enough pain

    but thankfully

    face masks
    hide it all away

    hide it all away


  • paper_planes 30w


    A rant. A rant. A rant.

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    Right person?

    We walk around stumbling
    on people after people
    leaving some behind
    who we will never meet again
    while with some we promise forevers
    who we might never see again
    and we wonder if we'll ever
    meet the right person
    but who is a right person?
    and are they always meant to stay?

    The guy from your one night stand
    might have understood you
    more than anyone else
    but it never happened

    The girl in the library,
    you bumped into could've
    been the one for you
    but you never stopped to apologize

    What if we came across the right person
    and went different paths
    and now when we lose
    in love,
    we label it wrong person,
    but is it?

    Are people right for each other when they meet
    or does time make them
    right for each other?

    Is it our fault, or time's
    when we fall and fail
    in and with love?

    I lost quite a few people
    who were right for me
    and a handful of those who were not
    but it aches more
    where the wrong one's stayed

    How do you let go of people
    that saw your soul
    and heard your heart
    but somehow,
    didn't fit the puzzle pieces
    that belonged to you
    nor were they the fireflies
    to your dark forest;
    society called them the wrong ones
    but then again

    Who is right and who is wrong ?

    And why does it matter ?

    Isn't there beauty in imperfection ?

    Or is it a myth ?

    /i have stopped looking for the right person,
    my person shall stay if they are meant to be/


  • paper_planes 31w

    I know you are scared. Who could blame you? Love is a hurricane wrapped inside a chrysalis. And you are a girl walking into the storm.

    Lang Leav, Memories

    2 minute rants

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    I am a girl
    who walked into the storm
    but never came out
    from the other side
    I am a girl
    who chased love (away)
    and when once,
    in the middle of the night
    love looked at me
    from behind a tree
    I ran,
    I ran away into the
    darkest regions of the forest
    for I saw something unusual
    in it's eyes
    birds around me say it was happiness
    but it was more than just happiness

    it was another pit
    and if I jumped in
    I knew,
    I'll break love
    more than it'll break me

    so I ran away
    with the deers
    running away from lions

    and I am running ever since

    //i am lost//


  • paper_planes 31w

    //i am still silently hoping that time has made a mistake
    and has already reserved a moment for us to find each other again//

    i read this quote and this rant flowed.

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    I looked at you
    I had known
    how perfect you were
    for this imperfect world
    with that fragile heart
    with a concrete wall
    you read me poems
    about dragons
    and flowers
    and everytime
    I'd ask you about love
    you'd smile
    a smile
    of melancholy
    and continue with a tale
    of birds and paper planes

    I promised you my heart
    one cold night
    and the promise kept us warm
    throughout winters
    but I ran, I fled
    as soon as summer knocked
    breaking our hearts
    breaking the promise

    and my flowers have never bloomed
    ever since

    but I left,
    because I couldn't reach you
    and it killed me
    to be there,
    next to your perfect being
    and not reach you

    it killed me
    to not be enough
    to not be there

    so I left

    like always

    I left


  • paper_planes 34w


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    Jab sai tum gaye ho
    Hum ujre ujre rehte hyn
    Pr sanam, jb tum ay the
    Tb bhi neendein gayab thyn

    Is dil ko kaise samjhaun mai
    Tum hamaray nahi ho sanam
    Kabhi the hy nahi sanam
    Wo toh hum hy khuwab bunte chale gai
    Wo toh hum hy
    Ghum gai the khuwabon mai ki ehsas na raha
    Tum hamaray nahi ho sanam
    Kabhi the hy nahi

    Jab sai tum gai ho
    Hum ujre ujre rehte hyn
    Kia hum tumhe bhi yun
    Khuwabon mai a kr satatay hyn?

    Kho dia humnai tumhe
    Panay sai pehle hy
    Ro bhi lia humnai
    Apni is kambakhti pr

    Magar o sanam,
    Hum ab thak gaye hyn
    Ruswa ho ho kr
    Kia ab hum bs kr den
    Yeh zindagi ka manzar?

    Ab hum thak gaye hyn
    Toh isay alvida samjho

    Hum chal diye hyn
    Ik naye safar pr
    Ujre toh abhi bhi hyn
    Pr umeed abhi baqi hai
    Umeed kis cheez ki?
    Wo hum jante nahi