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  • pandichitra_r 7w

    Every time we keep getting such news..and it's been really heavy..this time.��
    Is there any parallel world ?

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    It's heavy again

    Why the hell we are still asking and seeking for justice ?
    Is it our mistake ?
    Aren't we allowed to dwell in our own world
    Or is it really a barrier to ur eye's
    Media coverage is less
    Human beings have turned to political animals?
    I am still pondering?
    And this time it's Rabiya Saifi...
    This kid who had dreams...

  • pandichitra_r 7w

    Hope of nature

    Towards the serene upwards
    Wandering in the melody of air,
    Birds swaying in flocks,
    Clinging to my shaddy presence,
    Winked my eyes every now and then,

    To the Metricious me
    The sky showered the hireath of hope with minutiae details of Meticulous care to this Misanthrope in the form of
    cumulus, cirrus, stratus,Nimbus
    a visible mass of tiny liquid droplets called CLOUDS☁️️

    That drove my heart leaving trails to remain forever like cards

  • pandichitra_r 8w

    Late nights

    Breathing deep sighs,
    Menaced in traps of Desires and Passion
    Yet remaining Undiscovered
    Staying late upto night,
    To dissolve the words in me,
    To untangle the thoughts,
    Reflecting the Mercurial voices
    Not to rust,
    I'm closing my eyes every night to see different weaves of Mawkish World!

  • pandichitra_r 8w


    Heavy clouds ,No Rain
    Heavy thoughts, No Pain
    Heavy Heart, No Gain
    That's the power of Heavy Stains!

  • pandichitra_r 8w

    Arranged marriages

    Snivelling over the societal stigmas,
    Chthonic engulfed every Quop;
    Scars being nightmares,
    Rambling every witching hours;
    Still she said "YES"!
    To be locked forever❗

  • pandichitra_r 8w


    In a golden rage of memories,
    The way eyes tracked,
    Felt the dignity;
    Just shutter locked between myriads of crowds,
    Echoes of heart beats,
    Just a subtle sensational one
    A wicked secret and a private Nous
    Only some owe it, while some never;
    Just being mad !!
    To the eyes I met in crowd

  • pandichitra_r 8w

    Working on yourself isn't a taboo!

  • pandichitra_r 9w

    Just fun!

    Never stop urself from fulfilling the instantaneous Adrenaline Rush...
    Sometimes u feel like talking..go ahead Nothing much...

  • pandichitra_r 9w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Ambition

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    Desire and determination promted to keep fire in

  • pandichitra_r 11w

    The Last times~
    If every first times are this special why don't we take a time to be grateful for the last times✨��

    Do u remember?

    The Last time u were born��,funny isn't it������
    The Last time u saw ur mom singing,
    The Last time u saw ur dad crying,
    The Last time u scolded ur siblings,
    The Last time u cried in school,
    The Last time u wrote something beautiful about someone,
    The Last time u met ur friends,
    The Last time u tasted ur favourite dish,
    The Last time u met someone accidentally while u were on ur way and made friendship,
    The Last time u waved a kid bye with wide smile,
    The Last time u went to an exhibition,
    The Last time u planned a trip,
    The Last time u missed ur flight/train/ bus,
    The Last time u took time to appreciate someone,
    The Last time u failed����,
    The Last time u adopted a pet,
    The Last time u went to a movie,
    The Last time u texted ur crush��
    The Last time u were feeling low,
    The Last time u were angry on someone,
    The Last time u shook ur hands with someone,
    The Last time u clicked a beautiful pic��,
    The Last time u fooled someone,
    The Last time u received it graduation����‍����‍��,
    The Last time u were leading a bachelor life����,
    The Last time u were in a hospital,
    The Last time u said u will achieve something great ��,
    The Last time u played splashing water on each other's face,
    The Last time u said someone that u will remain forever with them ❤️����!

    And the list goes on......
    Of all those mentioned above replace all the Last times with First times, for u would remember them well for it's obviously �� special and close to heart! But sadly that's not the case with Last times, u will never knew that they were the last bcoz we can't trip down of all our activities everytime ✌️.
    You people keep Agreeing it Right with beautiful smile����!

    Yes, Let's make the best out of whatever we have right now,
    Just keep creating memories bcoz a moment lost is lost forever ��.
    Hopefully u will create memories I believe⭐

    Thanks for reading ♥️!


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    The Last Times

    Every First times have hopes for one more time, but how about the last times?