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  • pandatiger 4d

    First love

    Never forget your first love because when you do you loose part of who you are

  • pandatiger 1w

    Worse than numb

    you wanna know what's worse than feeling numb...
    feeling like your drowning
    because everytime you breathe you can feel the fire in your lungs
    the feeling of your tears filling up your eyes
    the feelings of your throat not bring able to handle but you push threw it because all you wanna show is show that your okay

  • pandatiger 2w

    Tomorrow isn't a promise

    Yesterday is the past tomorrow is a mastery but take care of today because today is a present

  • pandatiger 2w

    In line

    Some how we are all in line ready to leave we don't know who's in front or behind so let's make memories and beautiful things happen because we never know when it's our turn in line

  • pandatiger 3w

    If love

    If love means taking everything what makes me happy away I'll do it no matter the pain

  • pandatiger 4w

    I miss you

    "Wtf is wrong with you???"
    What's wrong is that your not the same
    What's wrong is that you treat me so different
    What's wrong is that I wanna call with you
    What's wrong is that your not patient with me anymore
    What's wrong is that I want attention
    What's wrong is that
    I'm now slowly fading away
    I love you

  • pandatiger 4w

    Once upon a time

    I remember when I was happy all the joy and all the feelings rushing threw my veins as if it was sugar
    All the happy moments I had as a kid feeling like anything could always have a happy ending
    I was wrong
    All that joy I felt that rushed threw my veins its gone like if someone just came and took it like any toy
    Happiness doesn't last love doesn't last the feeling of a sugar rush no longer exists
    Because once upon a time
    We were once alive

  • pandatiger 4w

    I want him

    I want him
    I want to kiss his lips every night before sleep as we lay side by side admiring the one I love
    I want to hug him tight my arms around his neck as I feel his warmth and his love towards me
    I want to make love with him as I run my fingers threw his hair kissing his bottom lip smiling into his mouth and drag my nails down his spine as I giggle while he shivers
    I want to forget everything around and enjoy every moment that passes threw as I lay by him
    I want to travel threw his eyes and tell stories about our future as he sleeps in my arms
    And at the end
    I want it all over again

  • pandatiger 5w

    I need you

    Where's my heart where's my soul where'd it all go I'm lost in the darkness can you see me I need you
    You think you treat me like a princess like a queen you give me jewelry stuff animals buying me things but that's not what I need
    I see everything you do for me but
    You don't see in me but threw me you don't see the fear the guilt and anger that's growing in me don't blame yourself its not your fault if not my own
    I stopped taking care of myself because I no longer believed in myself
    Everything in me is lost and only you can find me
    Yelling punishing won't help no matter how many times you tell to change nor the amount of time you say you love me it won't change who I am
    I don't have the strength to push myself forward anymore nor to change my mistakes
    I no longer have a soul to guide me threw this hell
    I love you but I'm lost
    I need you
    Don't go

  • pandatiger 5w


    Anxious overwhelming me growing in me with anger and hate needing your love to cool my soul down with a tint of a kiss and a hug my heart refreshes and calms with joy