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  • pakhidubey 4w

    Basically for my confusion and decision im trying to make for the mistake of some crazy minded pedagogue

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    A Rouge Man

    A throbbing pain that covers and hold you down
    It's like bearing a torn, a poisonous sting on my crown
    Tortured with sullenness thoughts and memories left paining
    Frantically scrunching on bed hearing my mind voice screaming

  • pakhidubey 7w

    A Bird story

    As my soul reaches hands to help the poor bird's soul
    The hand of mind trembles and chills the spine as hold
    Slowly pulling the gentle wing but it isn't moving
    But it kept retaliating back to me as a spring

  • pakhidubey 20w

    Im in my own realm and wanna a way out of it....after the close people went by we create our own space up in mind and live there ......suggest a way out of it ....
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Dare You

    Confused! Not to worry the story of the beholder will never reveal
    Seeking the same person was actually a place that couldn't be healed
    Having cold sweats on bed now, not to worry your time is not near
    Every thought will kill and hate even if your soul doesn't want to hear

  • pakhidubey 24w

    I'm All Drained

    I've no strength to stand and cheer
    Suppressed as in a can of beer
    And if you just stopped being so near
    I would just throw away all the fear
    Just feel your presence still lingers here
    And it won't leave me in a pool of tears
    Couldnt find a therapy to heal
    Rubbing salt is the only thing I can feel
    Running down my spine oh so chill
    Seems like paying debts that never had a bill
    Leading to a trail of which was so real
    Ends in a coffin or maybe a drug or pill
    There's just too much to bare at my sight
    Even when the sun seems so bright
    The door of heaven shows there's a greater light
    Standing by a window waiting for the sun to see the night
    Reaching out to the moon seems like nothing right
    Better still to keep my distance from you I might.

  • pakhidubey 26w

    Short story

    I looked up in despair to see the angel's face
    And then only I realized that everything was covered in haze
    Screeching on the ground, I held low and blew away the mist
    Held my head high and saw a similar structure of mine amidst

  • pakhidubey 27w


    If I play a role that has a substitute,
    Then, there is no other choice than to end the game

  • pakhidubey 28w

    Tired of faking

    Every Lion Works Hard To Defend Himself Before He Dies
    Knowing That The Happiness Im Faking Has Turned To Lies
    If Only i Had Known Better I Wouldn't Have Been Professed Wise
    Perhaps Just Adapting And Enduring A Sensation Of Just Being Nice

  • pakhidubey 29w



  • pakhidubey 29w

    Vocal Line

    A cup of TAE with KOOKIE made by JIN in park JIMIN

  • pakhidubey 30w


    "The alphabet has 26 letters if we take out BTS how many letters are left "
    "Wrong its 19"
    "Because BTS will always take ARMY with them...."