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  • paintdrops 35w


    She gazed out her balcony
    Half the world asleep
    The other half just as restless

    Stains on the floor
    Of raindrops and wine
    When she drank one too many

    She feels like an impostor nowadays
    A thief tiptoeing in the night
    An intruder in her own mind

    In places she didn't even realize
    In people she chose to shut out
    She lost and found love

    These were supposed to be happy times
    Things are still pretty much the same
    Except for the hollowness she feels inside

    Her thoughts dazzling bright
    Like the buildings she gazes at
    Every summer night

    She always knew life wasn't easy
    But no one ever told her
    It was going to be this hard

    Years have passed
    Yet she still chooses the same road
    The one she's always known

    The world just let her believe
    That making predictable choices
    Is the only way to happiness


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  • paintdrops 91w

    A song on the radio
    Can bring back the past
    With fierce immediacy
    A picture can have the same effect

    Listening to the same song on repeat
    Can subconsciously attach it
    To a person or a moment

    And its funny how that song
    Can appear happy at one time
    And depressing at another

    Music tends to have a drowning effect
    The melodies can turn into memories
    And the memories into remorse

    People collect photos
    I do too
    But there’s nothing more organized in my life
    Than the playlists of songs
    I’ve saved over the years

    And time to time
    I bring them back
    Whenever I wish to escape
    Which I feel the need to do
    More and more
    As the days go by

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    Music can have a drowning effect
    The melodies can turn into memories
    And the memories into remorse

  • paintdrops 93w


  • paintdrops 94w


    This is the way it’s always been
    Dead nights and blurry eyes
    As you wrap yourself in silence
    To pen down your deepest thoughts

    How long do you wait for something
    You’re not even sure that you want

    That’s the fear
    What if it all ends
    Before you even get a chance
    To star in your own story

    If you're running a race
    Where none of the lines are marked
    Would you even know when to stop

    How many people
    Would you have to push away
    To realise who truly deserved your love

    Feels like a recurring scene
    Where you dress up for your role
    But when you’re finally put in the spotlight
    It feels like everyone knows their scripts
    Except for you

    They watch your every step
    You see the world too
    They’ve already painted out your canvas
    In different hues
    And with the small portion you get
    You don’t know what to do

    You’ve done everything by the books
    But over the years
    There’s one thing that’s changed
    You’ve begun to dream in the day
    And feel awake only in the nights


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  • paintdrops 95w


    I’m engulfed by emotions
    Ever time I think about home

    There’s too many memories
    Of happiness and sorrow
    Fear and comfort
    Hardships and ease
    Love and regret
    Tears and laughter

    So far away
    Yet still so close

    I never imagined
    The photo of a tree
    Outside my home
    Could take me down a memory lane

    And there I am again
    Snug in my bed
    Spoiled and comforted

    Some memories fill me with joy
    While others haunt with regret
    But they all exist
    As fragments of my jumbled memory

    The smell of home-made food
    The wardrobe of unworn clothes
    The shelf filled with old books
    All locked away
    In a special place in my heart

    There’s marks on the walls
    Of posters I outgrew
    And stains on the floor
    Of everything I spilt

    Those notebooks
    Filled with silly drawings and scribbles
    That frame on the wall
    That always seemed to tilt
    No matter how many times it was fixed
    Those flowers in the backyard
    That bloomed every monsoon
    That window I cracked as a child
    Even those nosy neighbours

    I miss it all

    And how I loved the sound
    Of rain splattering on my window
    And the soggy smell it left behind

    And though
    It’s raining outside today
    It just doesn’t feel the same

    Those family trips
    Those birthday parties
    Those first times for everything
    All recorded in one album

    All those good friends
    I lost contact with over the years
    They come back time to time
    And I can’t help but wonder
    How they ended up in life
    And whether they still think about me

    Life’s funny that way
    Growing up
    Means learning to let go
    Of things and people
    Who once
    Were your world

    If I had a chance
    To do it all over
    I know
    I would do it in a jiffy

    Wonderful were those days
    When nothing in life was complicated
    And you didn’t have to worry
    About what others said

    People still say a lot of things
    They don’t make sense sometimes
    But they were right when they said
    There’s no place like home


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  • paintdrops 97w


    I like the smell of old rustic pages
    Adorned with glossy covers
    And colourful bookmarks

    Its strange
    The bond I share
    With something so lifeless

    A connection
    That never seems to stay
    With the people in my life

    Lying on bookshelves
    Waiting a read
    I love imagining myself
    In stories I’ll never live

    I’ve cried many a times
    Sometimes gasped
    Sometimes laughed
    That’s what happiness feels like

    Coffee stains on my desk
    Red eyes as I spend my whole night
    Trying to finish what I started

    Makes me feel home
    And yet so lost
    In the bustle

    The guilt I feel
    Leaving a book unread
    And the closure I get
    Years later
    When I finally pick it up again

    It’s irreplaceable

    While as a kid
    We were made to spend weeks
    Trying to read between the lines
    The truth is
    You just need to enjoy things as they are

    They lied
    When they said
    You’d become a new person
    Just by reading a single book

    How do you learn
    If you never feel it
    Never try it
    Never live it

    And though I’ve spent hours
    Foraging bookshelves
    The difference I felt
    Was just an illusion
    Because I was always reading
    Exactly what they told me to

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

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  • paintdrops 99w


    And all we ever see
    Everyday on our screens
    Are pretty little faces
    Starring in movies

    Helpless and naïve
    Sobbing in pain
    Needing to be set free
    Held back in chains

    Cause there’s always a guy
    Who must have a say
    Needs to swoop in for her
    She can’t ever save the day

    But maybe she won't
    Need to leave behind a shoe
    Singing a sad song
    And waiting for you

    She can win on her own
    She was raised to be strong
    Won’t have to wait by the window
    Her hair doesn’t need to be long

    Fairy tales she loved
    Till she grew up one day
    How she realises they’re wrong
    In so many ways

    No magic
    No rings
    No heavy flowing gowns
    She’s a hero without a cape
    A princess without a crown


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    No magic
    No rings
    No heavy flowing gowns
    She’s a hero without a cape
    A princess without a crown

  • paintdrops 100w

    I always find myself
    Strolling along that road
    With glistening stones
    On the other side
    Sitting still
    My home
    Mundane, but peaceful

    Its 12 o’clock
    But nothing new about the day to come
    And I feel somnolent
    Like on a flight that never ends
    Unknown faces and intriguing tales
    My destination still a suspense

    And as I walk through the doors
    To familiar scents and faded vinyl
    I crave the warmth of my bed
    Funny, how on some days
    I just wish I could run away

    But I find consolation.
    Maybe this very moment
    Though seemingly ritual
    Long from now
    Will be worth a thousand words


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    Lost And Found

  • paintdrops 104w


    They're not what they seem.
    Though their eyes may beam,
    Those shiny masks
    Aren't long to last.
    In the silence of the night,
    They too shroud,
    Hurting inside,
    Just like you and me.

  • paintdrops 104w

    Its been a while
    #life #poetry #thoughts

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    Every little thing
    That seems imperfect,
    Will one day,
    Bring back intense feelings,
    As sweet memories,
    Of things
    You just let pass by.