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  • paint_a_poem 1d

    #questions #mirakee #wod #writersnetwork

    /Hope this fits the prompt, Mirakee.
    Inspired by your prompt and the poem
    "Wind's Work" though that is a joyful poem/

    Pic pinterest

    /Does the wind know?/

    What has then wind seen?

    Innumerable tales
    Of succes and defeat?
    Flowers that bloom
    Without beauty unseen?

    Silent tears
    From beasts of burden?
    Stories of refugees
    Homeless and unsheltered?

    Tales of injustice
    Heaped on women?
    Torture of prisoners
    Unlawful and forbidden?

    Tales of valour and courage
    From commen men uncrowned?
    Unheard, Unseen
    Hidden and brushed aside

    Do you know
    When you blow ?
    Wind, Can you answer
    Yes or No?

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    Does the wind know ?


  • paint_a_poem 2d

    #Arspoetica #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Pic pinterest

    Word Art on a bland canvas

    " What travels faster than the wind?"
    When questioned by a Yaksha
    In the Mahabharata,
    Yuddishtra answered, " The mind".
    And with this answer
    He saved himself and his brothers from death.

    Millions of thoughts run through our minds
    Every hour and every day
    To capture them, hone them
    Give them colour and structure
    Sustainability and presentation
    Is the Art of Poetry

    The greatest gift we all have
    Is the gift of communication
    Poetry gives thoughts and words
    An aesthetic form
    Be it simple or complex
    Ordinary or extraordinary

    Embellished with similies and metaphors
    They become a gift
    Which if unopened and 'un-sent'
    Remains unseen and unsung
    Poetry to me is
    Word Art on a bland canvas


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    Word Art on a bland canvas

  • paint_a_poem 3d

    / Going back to a time when village life was simpler. An imaginary life because I have never lived one/

    Beneath the Jacaranda Trees

    Take me back to the days of yore
    Of yellow sunshine, village belles and old folklore
    Blue skies, green leaves and cows grazing by
    Hurricane lamps lighting up the night sky

    Women churn butter with hands that heal
    Heap ghee on rice on plantain leaves
    Zephyrs mix with dew on corn
    Rice fields sigh with breeze in the morn

    Children run on empty roads and play
    Watching Mother toil making hay another day
    Without a care, without much strife
    Beneath the Jacaranda trees, my village life


    #pastoralpoem #mirakee #writernetwork
    Pic credits fineartamerica

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    Beneath the jacaranda trees


  • paint_a_poem 4d

    Where am I from?

    I am from the shining land of Star dust
    Equipped with wings of fire
    I tie my hair with a string of stars
    And let it down sometimes
    Inspite of binding prejudices
    And shackles of patriarchy
    I am made of strong roots
    But stronger wings

    A soul with countless poetries
    That tries to paint endless rainbows
    On grey skies and cloudless nights
    Reflecting a kaleidoscope of thoughts
    Unhindered and unbridled
    Unmasking the Blue Devils of winter

    And shining with my own light
    Pole star shining bright

    Pic pinterest

    #roots # mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • paint_a_poem 1w

    #refrain #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Pic google��

    /Eighteen till you die/

    When you go to the beach
    Get both feet in
    You will be
    Eighteen till you die

    Whatever the trouble
    Whatever the turmoil
    "Sticks and Stones "
    Is what they are

    The sun may rise in the west
    And set in the east
    White can be called black
    And black white

    Ravens can sing, pigs can fly
    Ducks will turn to swans
    If you want to stay young
    Get both feet in

    And be eighteen till you die
    And be eighteen till you die

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    Eighteen till you die


  • paint_a_poem 1w

    / As many celebrate the new year today and tomorrow, here's a recipe for new beginnings/


    Pic Credits to pinterest

    Necessary ingredients:

    A spoonful of hope
    Two scoops of happiness
    Three tea spoons of enthusiasm
    Half a cup of self belief
    Oodles of confidence

    Ingredients to cast away:

    Thoughts of self doubt
    Inflow of negative emotions
    Low self-esteem


    Remove all unnecessary ingredients
    Put all necessary ingredients together
    Mix well
    Place on stove called desire
    Bring it to a boil till hope bubbles
    Add a morale booster called water
    A spoonful of sweet thoughts called sugar
    A refreshing drink to be taken at sunrise
    You are all set for the day!

    #recipe #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    A recipe for new beginnings


  • paint_a_poem 1w


    Leaves fall,trees sigh
    And sometimes I wonder why

    God created this season
    Summer is fun by comparison

    Spring is bright, Winter has snow
    Then I realise - Autumn is when you renew

    #eveseac #writersbay

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  • paint_a_poem 2w

    #ode #mirakee #jtc #writersnetwork

    / In a world full of tea drinkers, an ode to filter coffee/

    Ode to filter coffee

    Frothy, strong brew
    To chase away Monday blues
    Heavenly, sensory flavour
    My daily saviour

    They modernize you by new names
    Blend, roast, grind and perfume your fame
    Nothing can compare
    Or even come near

    The cup that revives
    On which I survive
    Dear Filter Coffee
    Other drinks are mere apologies

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    Ode to Filter Coffee


  • paint_a_poem 2w

    #flowers #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod

    / Disclaimer: All flowers are born equal. The winner is chosen because it is known for its resilience and is our national flower��/

    Pic: pinterest


    Red rose was beautiful, like the first flush of dawn
    White lily was pure and white as the driven snow
    Lilacs and lavendars danced in bright violet
    Magnolias and carnations shone like deep velvet

    Sunflowers glistened in oranges and yellows
    A bed of dandelions made a fine pillow
    The judges were awestruck to choose a flower
    All were beautiful, more by the hour

    Until they came upon a distant pond
    Bright pink lotuses were floating with their dull fronds
    Their decision made, they declared with fervour
    Lotus, dear flower, you are the winner

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    And the winner is


  • paint_a_poem 2w

    #oxymoron #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork

    / Oxymorons are:
    Wise fools, clearly confused, mild enthusiasm,real potential, horror comics, forced choice and unacceptable solution /

    /Thanks for the prompt/
    Pic from google

    /Voter's dilemma/

    Are we wise fools to vote
    Or am I clearly confused?
    I only have mild enthusiasm
    To vote for a candidate

    One has extortion charges against him
    The other spews colourful venom when he talks
    Another has no real potential
    What should I do?

    I will read horror comics
    On election day
    Or shall I make a forced choice
    And choose an unacceptable solution?

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    Voter's dilemma