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  • paarvathi 6w


    After losing everything then, I realised I'm having myself!

  • paarvathi 8w


    Just because you are walking alone it doesn't mean that you are misrouted it may be the path that no one has the willing to take.

  • paarvathi 8w

    Broken Memory

    My memories are scattered like a broken glass pieces, even each one of it shines like a diamond.

  • paarvathi 17w

    No one knows

    People around can only feed your belly and brain but not the heart you posses. because, they are afraid of your heart's potential and the magic it could do to you. so you are responsible to fill your heart with wonderfull emotions.

  • paarvathi 21w


    Love is the language we used to talk even when it had gone extinct in our world, we can talk in any other language in this world.

  • paarvathi 21w


    Once god assigned death to visit every home in egypt for breaking the chain of slavery but now death comes to every home for what, which chain is to be broken now.

  • paarvathi 39w

    When you are doing good do better things
    When yor are being better do the best
    When you are doing the best be good.

  • paarvathi 57w

    This Is Not My Forever!

    I always used hear that we are just the product of our environment.
    If my environment makes me what Iam now.
    I took pity on my inability to influence my environment to recreate myself as I desired.
    Even I may be predestined to be like this.
    But I would do something! Something! eveyone like to align themselves along with my path.
    It may be invisible at a moment but inevitable.
    I can't say exactly how and when but will happen one day at a right time in a right circumstances.

  • paarvathi 58w

    could you be just friend with the one you had loved more than anything.If you can, then it is not love! you had once.

  • paarvathi 60w

    If you think love is god and helping others is the way to attain it.
    Iam sure its not it can be a way to feel the godhood not the way to attain it.
    Love,Care & Empathy are just the keyhole to sense the galaxy of godness.

    If you love
    yourself more then it became obsession
    your family more it brings you suffering and
    the entire universe you may finds the path to realise the godhood.

    If you help every one in your life. you will be definitely betrayed by them one day.because no one can betray better than a slave.