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  • pa_luck 2d

    Consider this as unwritten,
    as nothing here is worth being it.


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    Life minus Love

    Life's much lesser without it
    just a little more than nothing
    but nothing like, that needs to be addressed
    or accepted like a gift left at doorsteps.

    You don't bother to mention
    or sit down to scribble the mishaps
    a vacuum engulfs any possible exchange
    and you never romanticise papers.

    Writing comes when you are full of it
    overwhelmed about its presence
    or while ravaged by its scratching slip off
    where you inscribe its vestigial essence.

    Nothing then comes handful
    and you tend to spill the saliva
    or sorrows, but never contain
    and the life then learns a lot more.

    Love certainly plays with words
    you run into them or ruin them
    as mathematician without numbers
    but you care about the details to disclose.

    Hence, life without love is unstated
    since not a thing seems disparate
    and you never note down a history
    you only tend to read it or skip it.

  • pa_luck 1w

    Struggling is still an effort,
    Denial is absolute indifference.


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    A page A day

    I can't read for long and long.
    he can't write any longer, long.
    i spit on the smaller shit
    he spills on the smallest dice.

    So you see,
    The habits are human habitations
    either for consolation or consideration
    and we choose the invoices
    self occupied with echos.

    Though we are wordly fanatics
    and stop no where in between
    still I'm moderate in my length
    and he is modest of his strengths.

    So you see,
    The problems are created
    stuff discarded off parameters
    bais becomes the basis of beginnings
    and we land up in a no man's land.

    While brain reading breaks the fast
    fast reading never fills the appetite
    utter abstinence builds his back
    that i fear to face as a blank black.

    So you see,
    The solutions never speak silence
    don't sprout out of stoicism
    yet we give up too soon
    blind on the binaries of balances.

  • pa_luck 1w

    I'll tell you how, if you don't know
    But know how to do, when I tell you !!


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    I can wo-man a man
    force him to force upon me
    as climbing up a ladder and fall
    exactly as it must fit in a fist.

    Ask him to be the general
    while i master playing in his thrall
    a trade costing me my imagery
    and him a dictating flow of power.

    Bonding with the bandages
    holding up my slacken skeleton
    as he pushes my benchmarks
    a pull more than before
    and a push farther inside.

    Him tearing me like a disposable
    still licking for the last taste
    in chains of compulsion for me
    and a compulsory compliance for him.

    His breaths brushing my bosom
    while bottoms spread in comfort
    i gasp in, hungering while hibernating
    for both mouth and cunt being stuffed.

    A cold me and even colder him
    lingering constantly over my chest
    as a stone pressing without consent
    but within my perconscious will
    crushing the curse of a "Soul in a Body".

  • pa_luck 1w

    I see a human DNA with a human eye !!


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    I wish to braid around you
    like a climber enlacing
    the brown burnt bark
    while furnishing a future
    and ravel rows of remembrances.

    Each tendril holding the hardship
    with tender claws and curls
    that swirls around an axis
    as affirmation of the affection
    you lend but i don't borrow.

    The differences keep us distinct
    in our own shades of survival
    while the merger makes it mystical
    inseparable from the grasps of gaps
    i try to invade and you keep in crevices.

    I shrivel upon your terminal twigs
    tearing over your frailty i fear
    caring to caress and cuddle
    and grow out a radicle as an anchor
    to infuse in you my beasty venom.

  • pa_luck 2w

    Pyar ko nazar nahi lagi
    bas nazar me, koi aur pyara ho gaya !!


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    A pocket of dampness
    sousing a pickle piece
    between the walls of
    two molars, catching up
    in climacteric times
    under the calloused clouds.

    A cough disrupts a discussion
    patching up with a participant
    on its way, while being chewed.
    It brings a taste on the tip
    like a varnish on a dented dot
    coating a clear crack in between
    helping spice up a sour scene.

    Other teeth being full of cream
    leave the bone to settle in here
    a shelter for self and lift of life
    betwixt these mortal mortar.
    Nothing multiples to divide the nothing
    yet they call it an invasion
    that uproots a penumbral portion
    but recedes back being confronted.

    They then walk with a window
    whistling the voids sandwiched
    and molars no more making up
    as a pair to pave the porch.


  • pa_luck 5w

    Dil aabaad kahan rah paaye us ki yaad bhula dene se
    kamra viraan ho jaata hai ik tasvir hata dene se

    ~Jaleel 'Aali'


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    Tu hota agar..

    Tu hota agar, toh acha hota
    likhane ka ajab sa dhang hota
    sawarne me alag hi rang hota
    mehamano ka aana jana hota
    baaton ka ek bahana hota
    phir chuppi me chupe inkaar se
    waqt thoda naaraaz hota
    par tu hota agar, toh acha hota.

    Tu hota agar, toh acha hota
    darwaze par khada sahara hota
    thaki hui sham ka ishara hota
    ki abhi bhi chand ka ana baaki hai
    aagle jaam par tera naam ana baki hai
    phir halki si hadbadahat me
    kaanpta sa mera khawab hota
    ki aisa hota, toh kaisa hota
    bas tu hota agar, toh acha hota.

    Tu hota agar, toh acha hota
    paatton k peele pankhon se
    udti dhool ko sirhana hota
    rehne ko sang ek makaan hota
    kehne ko woh sapno ka jahaan hota
    phir neend se khule asmaan
    aur palakon se giri zameen par
    hota yun ki, hone ko kuch ni hota
    phir bhi tu hota agar, toh acha hota..

  • pa_luck 6w

    They say hatred is a serious affair
    And I'm sick of half-hearted attempts.


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    Upon wearing headphones
    ensuring the deafness
    my gloved hands
    shall pull your hair
    only to smash back
    your oppressive noxious head
    on the wall several times
    till the mirror learns
    an extra shade of crismson
    apart from the flawed lipstick hues
    that must have cried on your touch.

    Probably then stamping your face
    over that last satin shimmer
    and scratching the other leg
    over those coolest clothings
    while i keep swaying over
    the loudest chords in my ear.

    Next i shall seal your throat
    with the favourite burning cig stubs
    covering it with a resting polymer
    as an utmost utilisation of
    your apathy shadowing my home
    loosely leased in apparentness.

    Rest I'll leave on you
    to watch your escapism fight
    the final lines of fate written
    helping you out as usual
    as I would only say
    "It's bad to be on my list".

  • pa_luck 6w

    Dreams can't be drawn, they are smudged.
    As a fire flame wakes up from its coal core.


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    Black hole
    could be an individual entity
    or an individual intensified.

    Too disgusted by the dust
    that shrugging off seems harder
    than putting it back into a stone.

    I devise your asymmetry
    with a central condensation
    that lies undeveloped and un-figured.

    An opacity bars my insight
    as i attempt to figure it out.

    It either appears as vacuum
    or a focus that holds outer
    dense and dignified matter
    that actually exist on its cost.

    As a human with a hole
    an aura hinged around
    a mysterious mine or
    a mirage that shadows its absence.

    It's the exchange of energy
    or the balance of buoyancy
    that hands a void the volume
    and agamous darkness a life.

  • pa_luck 10w

    You mould in shape of something,
    until anyone of you is a stone.


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    Reflective Reflexes

    I sleep like an egg
    carelessly crowned in its nest
    as i snooze off like a baby
    slobbering on your pants.

    I quiver like a puppy
    walking out of a muddy trench
    as i wake to get going
    from our abyssal apathy.

    I peep like a breeze
    sneaking silently under spaces
    as i probe into your doings
    without a disturbance in deeds.

    I shuffle like paper sheets
    ignoring the number of times
    as i speak of important instances
    though them being the trivial trials.

    I blanch like a sunflower
    estranged by the sun at dusk
    as i stand unread in differences
    amongst our different days.

    I bounce back like a call swtich
    irrespective of hits and hitters
    as i come back to our original origin
    after a round the clock chaos.

  • pa_luck 10w

    Hypnotized by his hunger, that never eats me away !!


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    is a Mad Hatter, thriving on fumes
    stamped under enforced habits
    with entangled fingers and bent backbone
    engrossed in weaving a safety net.

    He sniffs another saturation in solace
    revolving in a self resolution
    when a thought strikes the pendulum
    as sweat dripping from a planetarium.

    He scores a globe in his basket
    and counts it a loss of world
    that misreads the same sphere
    as a discovery, to be denied.

    He blows his recessed cheeks
    with residual square of rush
    as vermilion stained eyes swell further
    till they settle for any farther.

    He hops but stays still
    itinerant yet an intimate legacy
    with dropping lids that dig deeper
    touching the embedded magma.

    is a fireball figuring a facade
    cuffed in a continuum and a crescendo
    bouncing back from a mirage
    laughing out his miraculous extant.