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  • outofleague 1d


    Me :
    Opens Miraquil.

    Miraquil :
    Pops out all the unread notifications.

    Me :
    Why you do this??


  • outofleague 2w


    Sometimes it feels like
    Miraquil Notification
    is cheating on me.


  • outofleague 3w

    #friend #friends #friendship
    मित्रम् मित्रे मित्राणी


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    Luck's Boon

    Like that shedded leaf which finds
    its way eventually falling onto
    the sacred pond of a mystical forest;
    I have been blessed with such fortune
    riding the directions of fate
    where the pond is Friendship
    and the forest being
    once in an eternity, Opportunity.

    Showered with hospitality
    that subdues intangible stings
    from the weapons of material facades
    I am living that life
    which is kept secret
    in the library of Heaven;
    under the section
    "More grateful than any Afterlife"

    With suprises more surprising
    than witnessing a shooting star,
    this company introduces meanings
    that soothes fresh scars accumulated
    while drifting through time.

    Whether anyone questions about distance
    noticed by their blind eyes,
    I comply with my heart filled with
    memories, promises and understanding;
    "We.. are here. Don't we?"


  • outofleague 4w

    There was a time when you were hopeful
    for the efforts and decisions you took
    guided by the principles and beliefs from
    the fate that fell at your steps to
    the fortune that made you shred your rest,
    it will bend the conditions and odds
    in your route of going forward,
    bringing a acceptable present which
    would make you say; "It was worth it."

    That's a lot of spiritually oriented terms
    jammed up in one huge (literary captivating)
    But how much exactly the spiritually
    oriented stuffs I could have avoided
    to mention something similar to
    what I have mentioned.

    You know what..
    considering the amount of fiction
    and imagery that are present in
    any one write-up in miraquil's platform
    most of the stuffs they portray
    are reflections of
    what they all really HOPE to happen.
    Just enough of what they hoped to..
    hope again.

    We notice, observe and measure to
    recognise, acknowledge and conclude
    every passed, happening and upcoming moment
    worried, thinking and expecting
    a hint, clue or sign that would
    either indicate, exhibit and/or justify
    that it was fine, appropriate or significant
    to pray, wish and hope.

    Maybe with every new experience
    we lean more towards our assumptions
    than the mind's abode where hope resides.
    that distinct, strict and/or genuine event
    when the hope will go extinct
    within one's essence, spirit and intelligence
    might be the right, awaited and destined time
    for them to know
    why sometimes “hope” doesn't work.

    #hope #contest_j

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    Calculated Worries
    Sacred Predictions
    Sacred Calculations
    Predicted Worries

    (Toe-May-Toe, Tow-Maa-Tow, Tomato)
    *Now imagine the point I am in
    on the line that connects
    hope and assumption*


  • outofleague 4w

    #nostalgic #negotiations
    *Antakshari : a game among group of people that comply with songs starting from the last consonant of the last song.

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    Nostalgic Negotiations

    How long it has been
    since that joyride of laughters
    on the table you take meal.

    How long it has been
    since that clash of roasts
    while returning from
    an evening class.

    How long it has been
    since you silently paying for
    your friends' beverages
    during lunch break.

    How long it has been
    since scaring that one friend
    who believes in ghosts
    in the dark.

    How long it has been
    since you tried to ruin
    someone's picture while
    it is being taken.

    How long it has been
    since you played Antakshari*
    while going on a trip.

    How long it has been
    since you waited for someone
    before hitting the play button
    on your laptop.

    How long it has been
    since you were part of
    a group discussion to throw
    a birthday party.

    How long it has been
    since you stopped thinking
    about the things mentioned.

    How long it has been
    since you lived in the present
    than being professional about
    your future.

    How long it has been
    since you hugged THEM,
    last time.

    How long
    it has been...


  • outofleague 4w

    Scattered Innocence

    To make those wishes
    be breathing one tomorrow,
    we wither today.

    Having some secrets
    to keep certain things going,
    little rhythm dies.

    Walking beside that
    favourite gift you could have
    never imagined to have.

    We wonder through the
    window on a red light just
    to forget something.

    Silently drifting
    through moment of nothingness
    right before life knocks.


  • outofleague 5w

    Hollow Hurt

    Getting over those dreams
    we regret to wake up from.


  • outofleague 5w

    Money doesn't buy happiness,
    it decorates moments.

    Pretty weird way of denying
    the thing you mentioned about,
    isn't it (or mentioning the thing
    you denied about. Wait are those two
    the same thing?)

    From the necessities that help
    a family to conclude a day
    to be peaceful until each tomorrow,
    to the threatening emergencies
    that shakes the core of our beliefs..
    the material connection
    between sweat and outcome
    that navigates the flow of life
    corresponding to the value it provides
    for mortal objectives
    and against obstacles.

    It is so essential to the funtioning
    of the dominating species that spoils
    the earth it resides upon,
    slightest inadequacy of amount
    than what is required cannot grant you
    the product you wish to obtain.
    (If something costs 1 unit
    and you have 0.50 unit,
    you can't buy 50% of what 100% would be
    to make it 1 unit.)
    That 0.50 unit is worthless.
    Education fees
    requires 10,000 units but,
    you have 9,999 units
    then the child cannot afford to study.
    The child cannot even study
    what 9,999 unit would cost from
    10,000 unit of the education.
    There are other example that question
    whether humanity even possess humanity or not
    and I feel very ashamed to be part of a race
    that instead of taking care of each other
    a lot of time chooses to take down one another.

    Maybe at 4th or 5th class in school
    we had a subject called Health Education.
    There was this phrase on the cover of the book;
    "Health is Wealth".
    The phrase on its own is so much "enough"
    that you don't even need to open the book
    to understand what the subject is about.
    Now.. good luck that you don't feel sick
    if you are running a brain that is not
    supported in a body to handle
    equivalent amount of turbulence in which
    the brain functions.

    As I mentioned before,
    Money doesn't buy happiness..
    it decorates moments.
    And there are so many shades of this statement
    that it is difficult to conclude whether it is
    enough a boon or little a bane
    for our livelihood.


    #financial #constructs #contest_j

    @jaya___ I know you are punctual by nature, but this time I am hoping that you are waking up late. ��

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  • outofleague 5w

    Our Stories

    Maybe an accident that occured
    in the map of destiny
    for me to witness a miracle
    that was kept hidden from me.
    A fortune I could have never imagined
    to happen in my fate to welcome
    a lone girl with a familiar song.
    Those forgiving days
    with plenty of laughters
    to walk beside each other
    looking at nothing else.

    As known to both of us
    the web of circumstances awaiting
    to strangle our tomorrows,
    I grow two branches of affections
    each time I cut one branch from wishes.
    I loved you a little
    more than I loved myself,
    kept some truths hidden
    to keep you around myself.

    How brittle is the intangible reality
    that connects the aging present
    with the bricks of probability,
    you turn a page
    and touch another life,
    with your arms unable to reach
    the turbulent rhythm within
    you feel your heart to mourn
    for what died before death
    and got buried in
    the same soil it sprouted from.

    The thorns in the rose named farewell
    bleed you to remember those yesterdays,
    with a lying smile more beautiful
    than any garden of serenity
    murdering that selfish plea to stay
    in the moment between saying goodbye
    and leaving.

    - - - - -


  • outofleague 5w

    #JustThat : 3
    "Tu me manques"

    Not long ago
    there had been things that
    I started to consider
    whether they need to be
    like really important or
    they are just taking too much of me
    for what they need
    to make themselves
    look, feel, imply, consider, assume
    and/or suppose valuable to keep
    my character the way it is.

    It is not about someone (sort of).
    The thing is, a lot of it is associated
    with how we take things lightly and
    take the same thing
    with utmost sincerity.

    The topic I am referring to is
    I mean it doesn't look that impactful
    when it is just mentioned but
    the truth is
    a lot of us are very good priests
    to the mentioned ritual that lets us
    live the days that
    we can never live again.

    When waking up,
    going somewhere,
    looking at something,
    talking to someone,
    doing something,
    preparing food,
    looking at something,
    completing tasks,
    making things in order,
    managing schedules,
    looking at something..
    looking at something still.

    It is a beautiful experience and
    a forgiving expression on its own.
    To have someone before you that
    you want.. to be before you.
    Simulating branches of conversations
    that ended last time with them,
    by an intangible clone
    that mimics their essence
    just the way you understand them,
    in your mind and in your heart.

    But you are missing something here
    that you should worry about,
    and that is
    to "worry a lot" about them.
    Otherwise you will start
    taking damage from those memories
    and hope not in real life as well.

    So do worry about them but
    not too much that
    you won't be able to
    even "just worry" about them.

    - - - - -