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  • outcast 1w

    Just sad

    My heart cries for the confused and lost people right now. If only I can help you carry that burden or pass that to me. Please don't give up, guys. Nothing is permanent, so as your struggles. We can do this! ❤️

  • outcast 2w


    I'm in the moment where i no longer know if this is the feeling of emptiness or just contented and at peace

  • outcast 7w

    One of the nights

    A song that's on replay
    Workout wheel that's on display
    Crickets and dogs singing
    Winds blowing
    Bee's buzzing
    And a contented heart's beating


  • outcast 8w

    A kind of night

    As how much quick you smile, it's how much quick it fades remembering you will feel this way, feeling lonely, longer than you'd like. Perhaps, five years? It's not easy.

  • outcast 17w


    Would it be a waste if I spend my Christmas sulking for not be able to go home ? Or should I spend it with friends? I super miss home tho.


  • outcast 17w

    Why am i always sad when it's the month of love and happiness?


  • outcast 18w

    Why am i feeling this again?

  • outcast 19w


    Because of you, I have met a gentle guy who has patience longer than the Nile river. You surely have a place in my memory. Til' next time!


  • outcast 19w


    New place. New experience. New memory.
    Moalboal - 12/05/20


  • outcast 20w


    Sweat and tears are surprisingly a good combination.