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  • oo7concept 7w

    I HOPE

    I hope he makes you smile,
    While you talk to him on the phone.
    I hope he’s everything you’ve ever wished for,
    Everything that I am not.

    I hope he’s your Prince Charming,
    Your knight in shining armor,
    Who is ever ready to come to your rescue.
    I hope he’s everything you wanted in a man,
    Everything I never had in me.

    I hope he makes you feel the butterflies in your stomach,
    I hope he gives you the sweet feelings I never did.
    I hope he makes you happy everyday.
    And then, I hope he cheats,
    Just like you did on me.

    I hope you find peace in him
    In exact way I found it in you
    I hope you find rectitude in him
    Only if you deserve it on Earth

    Going through the memories of my past,
    Your existence in it is a blemish.
    For you were nothing but a disaster,
    Just like a fair skin doused with acid.

    I hope he cares for you
    The way birds care for their mothers.

    And then I hope he cheats on you
    Just like you did to me.

    #THE OO7concept

  • oo7concept 12w


    I was mulling over my life as I laid on my bed, and a sign escaped my lips. I had sunken into another boat of depression.

    Looking back at my life, I felt no one could ever be as unlucky as I was, it was as if I had bad luck following me around. Things were just downhill for me, the stress was visible on my face and I looked older than my age.

    I couldn't help but notice the looks of disappointment on my dad's face anytime he gazed at me, I knew it - I was a failure as a son, he was just nice by keeping silent about it.

    I was at a loss on what to do, nothing seems work for me, I kept a happy face but I was dead inside, dead and buried for the whole world to see.

    My heart clenched with despair as I thought about how I was to survive. My family has probably given up on me, the useless firstborn who never seemed to get anything right in his life. Sigh.. What a shame.

    #THE OO7concept

  • oo7concept 14w

    By unknown writer

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    I have seen love
    At it's best, ugly and even worst,
    I have seen older children leave meals for younger ones,
    Mother sell their bodies to feed their children,
    I have read stories of princess who give their live for their kingdoms,
    Friends donate blood for free
    I have meet fathers who starved themselves so their children would have enough
    Family members who give up everything just to be with their relatives
    I have heard of people who travelled miles, hours, days just to see each other
    Those who left wealth for poverty, just to be with each other
    I have seen ladies lost their dignity
    Guy give up all they owned
    I have seen people pay up bills for people they don't know
    I know soldiers who gave up their lives for their country
    I have read about princess Trish
    A man called Mandela, Romeo and Juliet
    Call their actions foolish, insane or say they acted out of ignorance
    They all felt love, so don't conclude that love doesn't exist.
    You just haven't met the right person, been in right solution or felt loved
    Or else, you will do the unimaginable..

    Power Of Love...

    #THE OO7concept

  • oo7concept 14w

    Who am I?

    A riddle to my disturbed heart
    A clause with no tangible answer
    Searching the nook and cranny of the world
    For the answer to the stoor riddle

    Wondering and pondering on the big picture
    Where is my indigenous root?
    Impact flight my soul of consciousness
    Thorns of thought prick my soul

    An embargo obstructing my view
    Voyage sail on finding quest
    Eventually truimph the obstacles of thought
    Realize my answer lies in my subconscious mind

  • oo7concept 23w


    The night fell fast
    But my sorrows didn't
    I don't know who I offended
    But I think one is behind it.

    The days of agony and pains
    Coupled with a lot of distress
    Seems to be what I wake to
    At every blinking of my eye

    Sadness go far from me
    Sorrow please do too
    Because you now seem unbearable
    As I'm being worn out in my own skin

    David said this is my trying time
    The days I need to self brace
    Looking forward to big hopes
    And not letting my guards down

    Aimlessly I wandered
    Like an alien, I journeyed
    Trying to find my bearing
    And to put an end to my mysterious days

    Guess the Heavens are dealing with me
    Due to my behaviors of old
    Guess the ancient scroll is opened
    And my sins brought to book

    I am tired of these trying times
    And I hope an end can come
    God please end my sorrows
    And ease my life pains

    #THE OO7concept

  • oo7concept 30w


    Dear girl, You're beautiful

    You're tall, and that's sweet
    You're short and petite
    You're charming and complete

    You're dark and magnificent
    You're fair and you're innocent
    You deserve the compliments

    You're old, but you're still the rave
    You're young, you're strong and brave
    You're fine from cradle to grave

    You're black and you're clever
    You're blonde, red or whatever
    You're pretty now and forever

    Whether you're plump or slender
    You're the best, yes you're transgender
    Whether in a gown or a suspender

    You're unique, not the usual
    You are just so wonderful
    Damn girl, you're beautiful

    #THE OO7concept

  • oo7concept 34w

    THE INNER.... WE

    Feelings are no longer respecter of boundaries,
    Our shouldn't be an exceptional.
    Our case is like that of separated twins
    So far away yet the closest we are
    And though we appear similar with
    Difference with Atlantic and Pacific
    Oceans' meeting point.

    But underneath, I mean inside us, YES
    Within us, is the same running waters of emotion.
    For we're beyond the weak walking
    Body, the wild and immortal soul is who
    We are truly are
    And the body never entrapped the soul
    Rather the soul enliven her like action do viewpoints.

    Feelings when in agreement are like
    Huge mountain of fire they can't be
    Hidden or Stationed.
    Human body are more of signpost for
    Scars, the soul's feelings' dictates and
    Directs the human's mind, heart and
    Hence, when two souls feelings are
    Mutually in harmony----- love, peace and
    Unity are at their perfect endpoint.

    #THE OO7concept

  • oo7concept 36w

    By unknown writer #love

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    How can I not be happy?
    I have a wonderful mother like you.
    A woman different from the others.

    How can I forget you?
    When your name is etched deep into my heart,
    Like an eternal engraving.

    How can I not think of you and smile?
    You're my sunshine,
    The one who lightens up my world.

    How can I not love you?
    You're the very definition of beauty,
    With a demeanor that puts celestials to shame.

    How can I not be smitten with you?
    The one who dared to love me,
    Despite my indifference and neglect.

    How can my heart not beat for you?
    You who dared to look me in the eye,
    And tell me; *I'LL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU*

    How can I remain indifferent to your love for me?
    When it was so obvious and clear that you were into me?
    I would not dare to reject your Love.

    How would I dare let you suffer from unrequited love?
    I might be incapable of feeling love,
    But I am not blind to your plight.
    I hope I don't let you down,
    I hope my heart softens towards you.



    #THE OO7concept

  • oo7concept 36w


    Wisdom, every man desires it,
    Every man desires to be a called a sage,
    To be looked upon with reverence,
    But what really is wisdom?
    Who can be considered wise?

    Is it the one who speaks philosophically?
    Or is it one who speaks in parables?
    Or is it the man who acts mysterious?

    A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again.
    Buf if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise.

    A wise man, listens rather than talks,
    He wears his ego like a loose fitting garment,
    Letting the wind blow them.

    A wise man lives a pure unselfish life,
    And counts nothing as his possession in the midst of abundance.
    He is unshaken by praise or blame.
    He takes everything as human nature.

    He radiates boundless love towards everybody.
    He is neither arrogant nor servile.
    He is no one's friend nor foe.
    He is his own person,
    Yet lives for the benefit of others.
    That's a wise man.

    #THE OO7concept

  • oo7concept 40w


    Before this ends
    You need to stay safe than ever
    Follow the preventive measures like scriptures
    Clear the illusion covid'19 is unreal

    Before this ends
    Adore your mental health ; so as to savor life
    Judge less ; reality is different for everyone
    Stay away from expectations and obsessions

    Before this ends
    We are human first ; leg up others
    Embrace new friendship ; value old relationship
    Help friends spread awareness for their little startings

    #THE OO7concept