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  • only_words_left 8w

    I don't miss my boyfriend.

    It's the best friend that I miss
    Every single day..
    The friend whom I can ring up
    Whenever, wherever and for whatever..
    No matter how big or small the matter
    I can rely on the person
    Who I considered my best friend..

    I miss how he made me laugh
    At the silliest things
    How he had my back
    At every turning point

    I don't miss my boyfriend
    I miss my best friend
    A lot.


  • only_words_left 8w

    The night
    Doesn't scare me anymore
    It comforts me.
    What's this thing in my chest?
    Heavy and painful
    Why isn't it moving?
    Going nowhere

    Am I at peace with myself?
    Why is my head so heavy?

    Despite knowing the inevitable
    Why am I trying to dodge it?

    Let me fall
    Let me move
    This space I'm in
    Feels so trapped

    I wanna free myself
    From what, I don't know.

    Can I cry?
    Can I fix this?
    Will this end?

    And never come back.


  • only_words_left 9w

    You treat me like a Queen
    I treat you like a King!
    You treat me like trash
    I won't treat you like trash baby,
    I'll throw you out of my life
    So you sulk in your own filth.

  • only_words_left 9w

    You can admire someone's beauty
    Without feeling less about your own.

    You can fall in love with someone's love story,
    Without comparing it to your own.

    How nice is that now?

    Not everything needs to be about yourself!❤️

  • only_words_left 11w

    If it's gone, it's gone.

    There's no point forcing anything or anyone to stay.

  • only_words_left 11w

    Showing emotions and being vulnerable is the most hottest thing a man can do!

  • only_words_left 15w

    Broken love

    What's the worst thing that can happen in love?
    A love failure?
    A heart break?
    Maybe a one sided love?
    None of these compares to
    The way you feel
    When you have the person you love the most
    Right there, with you
    And that person loves you too, deeply,
    But they don't understand the way you feel
    They don't respect your choices.
    And even though they do love you,
    Make no effort to understand you.
    What do you do?
    Stay for love..
    Or walk away for respect?


  • only_words_left 16w

    Love isn't enough.
    Is the most beautiful thing
    In all of universe.
    Can make you feel things
    That don't even exist.
    But it isn't enough
    To spend eternity.

    What's more needed,
    Is respect.
    And someone who knows
    Your worth.


  • only_words_left 17w

    The rage is what,
    Fuels the change.


  • only_words_left 17w

    Word Prompt:

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    You attract positive energy, when you choose to be transparent.