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  • one_minimal_universe 4w

    Washing face
    To remove disgrace
    Trying to get rid of that stain
    I got while loving you
    With endless pain.

    But something
    Never changed
    And remained the same
    Like time...
    On my mind
    You and me
    Laying down on a bed
    Gazing in each others eyes
    Like infinity.

    Now when I seek
    My existence
    In your life.
    For something I wasn't
    Like your priority.

    You left me to rot
    Like a tarakota pot.
    Used, crushed and dissolved
    Back to where
    It came from.
    A paradoxical event occurred
    Rarely in my lifetime.

    It hurts
    It is something I never deserved.
    But fault is mine
    You moved
    I stayed

    A part of me evaporated
    In this cosmic incident
    The only witness I am left with
    Is time...


  • one_minimal_universe 5w

    दर्द का भी अक्स होता है
    यकीन ना हो तो देख लो मेरी आँखो में को।।

    जहाँ तुम हो जो चल रहे हो कहीं
    एक हम ही हैं जो ठहर गये।।

    एक ख़्वाब सजाया था मैंने
    आंखों से कहीं वो बह गए

    तराशा था एक जहाँ अपना
    कहीं धुंधला सा वो हो गया है

    वो है नहीं जो रखता था शिद्द्त
    ये आईना अब मैला सा हो गया है।।

    काश तुम होते यहाँ
    जो ढूंढ पाते मेरे साये को

    पर उम्मीद ही क्या करें अब
    जब साया ही छूट गया आपके पास।।


  • one_minimal_universe 9w


    Its been years
    Drenched in tears
    Since I saw you last time.
    Someone I believed was mine.

    You are gone

    Not to return
    Court got adjourned.
    We lost...
    Both of us.

    We signed twice.
    To be forever and to leave.
    Still, a part of me always loved you
    The way I wanted to love for this lifetime.

    I saw the way that ink bloated over my love
    Thinking!!! This is the love I deserve?

    You turned your back...
    Never to look back.
    And my heart lost it's rhythm.
    Never to be same again.

    I won't call you nor text you
    But what should I do to my soul
    Who is busy dancing with your memories.

    This is what that signature did to us
    You are happy...
    And I am gulping the last sip of our memories.


  • one_minimal_universe 38w

    Last Goodbye

    Heartbeats are silent not saying anything
    I am afraid if this is our last goodbye.

    Emotions kept flowing from eyes
    I am afraid if this is our last goodbye.

    Let this pain stay in your heart as it is
    Let this fear stay in your eyes as it is
    Let this river of sorrow flow quietly as it is

    What you want to say
    Just whisper silently in my ears

    I am afraid if this is our last goodbye.

    Heartbeats are silent not saying anything
    I am afraid if this is our last goodbye.

    I remember our vows, promises and kisses
    You make-up, your favourite colour and muses.
    Your smile brought my summers, springs and winters.
    In my dreams I want to relive those moments again and again

    For a billion years.

    I am afraid this is our last goodbye.

    Heartbeats are silent not saying anything
    I am afraid if this is our last goodbye


  • one_minimal_universe 57w

    नज़्मों के कश

    कहीं तो मुक्कदर मेहरबान हो जाये
    हमें भी झिलमिलाती सुबह दिख जाए
    एक अरसा सा हो गया है इन काली रातों के साये में
    धूप का एक टुकड़ा हमें भी नसीब हो जाए

    इन उम्मीदों की उम्मीद से भी बड़ा डर सा लगने लगा है
    पता नहीं किस मोड़ पर यह साथ छोड़ जाए
    मग़र गिला नहीं रत्ती भर का भी उनसे
    फ़ितरत है ये उसकी, जब मन आए, जब मन जाए

    खाव्हिशों के उस पेड़ की छाया में
    आज भी इंतेज़ार है उस सुबह की धूप का
    कर सकूं दीदार अपनी उस तपिश का जिसके बिना
    रूह भी सर्द होकर जम सी गई है अब


  • one_minimal_universe 61w

    दर्द भी बला की खूबसूरत है ज़नाब।
    उसका हुस्न ही है जो बरबस खींच लेता है जिंदगी का कारवां मेरा।

    बहुत कोशिश की के उसके हुस्न की तामील न करूं
    मगर ये कमबख्त तो लगता है कि साया सा बन गया है मेरा।

    उसे गवारा नहीं कि ख़ुशी मुझे अपनी बाहों में समेटे
    ना ही उसे पसंद है सूखा गिलाफ मेरा।

    चाहता है वो कि बस झुका रहूं उसके सजदे में
    बंदगी करूँ उम्र भर उसकी शब और सुबह

    पूरे हक़ के साथ ताउम्र हर मोड़ पर
    उसने साथ निभाया है मेरा

    ये दर्द है जो बरबस खींच लेता है

    ज़िन्दगी का कारवां मेरा।।


  • one_minimal_universe 82w

    लिखने का दीवानापन सबकी समझ से बाहर है ज़नाब,
    रातों तक दिल जलाना पड़ता है
    तब कहीं जा कर नज़्म की राख़ से ख़ुशबू उठती है।।


  • one_minimal_universe 84w

    The Moonbeam

    She was waiting for me like a moon waiting for the sun to take a bath in the lights they spread.

    Like a sun, I was bounded to fulfill my duties to the world, to the places where he needs to shine to keep lives going.

    Knowing deep down in the heart that someone is waiting for me
    From a long long time.
    To ensure it as a meeting not just an eclipse, but a journey of a lifetime.

    While drowning in the west, the sun had eyes on the horizon of east
    In a hope to see the love of his life

    And She was there hiding behind the clouds she created just to cocoon her and see while he is far away.

    Knowing the fact that he will come back to her
    No matter, Where he rises or sets.

    She stepped out from that puffed Cloud and showered the lights to the ones who forgot to see the sunlight.

    "The Moonbeam is here". The sun smiled and dissolved in her light.


  • one_minimal_universe 92w

    Meeting Point

    I am like a shadow when an eclips writing letters to the sun from the darkness to his light.

    You glow forever like you always did.

    And we will meet when we are so vulnerable to each other,

    That we can wrap each other that this world would face the fierce of our love and witness darkness in midday.

    When they witness night in the day and wonder how wonderful it is.

    And our togetherness they call a grand event,

    When life turns dry and our souls bloom like a sunshine.

    I will meet you there.


  • one_minimal_universe 102w

    The Hurricane of Light

    Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Moments when you feel like nothing. Detached from your core, your own identity. Where religion seems like a myth and money turns into pieces of paper. Truth turns into lies and promises turns into quotes. A journey that turns into destination and solitude turns into a chaos.

    What time is it? Sometimes a thought turns me perplexed if time is a real concept. What I have understood so far is that Nature is beyond every shackle, including time. I believe that we are on an infinite journey and our journey in this body is only a part of it. We are nothing but a small particle of this vast vacuum, revolving around the source of energy for a purpose until we embrace our salvation someday.

    What is Salvation?? Praying for your own wealth and health? Doing good because you have a fear of Karma? What's its definition? For me it is the moment of satisfaction. The moment where you don't need to feed your soul with ideas, thoughts and knowledge. Moment when you reach to the pinnacle of awareness, a place where you can dance on the song of silence. When you cross all the barriers and breaks shackles around you. You are free and ready to get absorbed into the nucleus. The place of your origin and the destination of your destiny.