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  • one_has_no_name__ 2w

    Just keep swimming

    - Atlas, It Ends With Us

  • one_has_no_name__ 2w

    Today marks one year since I lost you. One year since the worst time of my life began. One year since I lost every part of me I thought I had. A year since I lost a best friend. A sister. My reason for living. There are no words that will ever begin to describe what you meant to me, it's too much to even begin to feel. You were stronger than anyone I've ever known and had a way of making the best out of every shitty day. You had this way of making me laugh when I was right on the edge, bringing me back to the light. You saved my life so many times I think we both lost count, I wish I could say I did the same for you.
    We had a love truer than anything I'm ever going to feel again, every day without fail you'd make me feel like we were in a movie. Especially the day at the butterfly sculpture, I'll never forget that moment :) you made me the happiest I've ever been and I'll never be able to repay you for that. There is so much I wish I could say to you but words will never be enough.
    I love you forever weirdo x

  • one_has_no_name__ 3w

    Too shy to say, but I really hope you stay.

  • one_has_no_name__ 3w

    Only you. Nobody else could ever.

  • one_has_no_name__ 3w

    I notice everything you think I don't and yes, it hurts.

  • one_has_no_name__ 4w

    Can we try again?

  • one_has_no_name__ 6w

    Everything I was scared of it coming true. I don't know what to do.


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  • one_has_no_name__ 7w

    Maybe I was holding on to
    What I thought you were,
    But when you think too hard
    Eventually it starts to hurt,
    The version of you in my
    Head now I know wasn't true,
    Thought this was real
    But baby this is just not you.

    - unknown

  • one_has_no_name__ 7w

    Could it be?