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  • omega_001 1w

    You only have two options with two choices.
    The options are - Win or lose
    The choices are - abstain from fight and lose or fight till the end of the world and have what you deserve.

  • omega_001 6w

    The only real failures are the ones from which we learn nothing.

  • omega_001 6w

    Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

  • omega_001 6w

    All I need is money, food, sex, and music.

  • omega_001 8w

    उठते हैं, गिरते हैं, सम्भलते हैं
    साथ कभी- कभी चलते हैं
    पसंद- नापसंद सब समझते है
    प्यार दिखाते कम मगर करते है
    ख्वाहिशों का पुलिंदा हो
    या दुखो का सागर
    कभी भी कही भी
    वो एक उंगली सर के उपर ही रहती है
    कभी दिल पे पत्थर रख कर
    अपने मोह के जंजीरो को तोड़ते है
    तो कभी चुपके से रोक कर
    खुद को संभालते है
    उठते हैं, गिरते हैं, सम्भलते हैं
    साथ कभी- कभी चलते हैं ॥

  • omega_001 11w

    Sometimes you need someone to assess yourself whether you are a good person or bad.

  • omega_001 11w

    All motivations and inspiration won't work
    Until you learn to sail alone, because
    subordinating your responsibility will sabotage
    your ship and thus your entire voyage.

  • omega_001 11w

    Success is not meant for everyone
    Some people put comfort over it.

  • omega_001 13w

    It's the night or the rustling wind
    It's the darkness or I'm really blind
    The sight I once had
    The face I once prayed
    Have I lost all
    Is this my fall
    Only a theist knows how to sail
    'Cause their gods never fail
    As for me
    Ashes, all I can see
    Hell it is! I resorted
    That's why it is deserted.

  • omega_001 14w

    If a teenager is happy with you all the time
    You are doing something wrong.