the word we love create to write more is qoute and poem ✍️❣️

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  • ohleelixlovewwriter 1w


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    Cognizing inspiration

    Person brings up new offbeat hunch that do with work , good values, entice of speaking is inspiration

  • ohleelixlovewwriter 9w

    Happy independence day��������‍♀️

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    Nor yet one day of getting independence

    This day must be celebrated every day
    Considering their sacrifice,bravery, the love for the country

  • ohleelixlovewwriter 14w

    ����SELF WAY��

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    Impossible to posible

    The miracles might not happen so fast but something can do in its way
    That's self way

  • ohleelixlovewwriter 16w

    ��️�� careful*

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    Carefulness of before talking to people

    Glimpse 's the mind to be careful to talk with
    and careful to adjudge anyone

  • ohleelixlovewwriter 16w


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    Without the root

    Flower blossom 's itself
    No possibility of growing
    Requisite amazing sunlight
    Purified water
    Same a student want's words of guidance from

  • ohleelixlovewwriter 16w

    ������‍♀️ follow yours

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    Follow of yours

    Prevent the obstacles of any snags
    Is to follow phrenichitc of yours

  • ohleelixlovewwriter 19w


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    B- being Benign
    A- being Amourous
    D- being differential
    Try to be BAD at times

  • ohleelixlovewwriter 21w

    ���� brain to create a word ��

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    Brain of its word

    The whereabouts of knowledge thinks alot to make unique word and make sentences
    Then dictum to give the word on brain to initiate it

  • ohleelixlovewwriter 22w

    Whish u jubilant eid mubarak������

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    Eid mubarak

    The day to get blessings from Allah
    This is the festival of feast
    Every people must have the
    Bestow of tranquility and glee

  • ohleelixlovewwriter 24w

    ��‍����‍⚕️��‍✈️��‍♀️��‍♀️ salute to labour������‍♀️����‍♂️

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    Day of always assiduous people

    The people who assiduous for people
    Who spawn it
    Who perfectly fit it
    Who built it
    Who is helper to take care the people
    Let's give a big salute to labour