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  • ohhhwell 74w

    Space adventures

    Buckle up it's time I drive you out of this universe.
    Fasten your seat bealt I'm about to teleport you into dimensions.
    It's time you dive in serendipity,
    with nothing but your eyes set on me.
    Let's discard this baggage in hell and ascend to heaven, with our new wings.

  • ohhhwell 90w

    Mi amor

    I stared into your bright hazel eyes as I sat in the front row and heard your divine voice  that left the audience hypothesized in your world where love is roses and kisses dipped in poerty.

    I often fantasize about my final moments on this foreign land and wonder if our fragmented souls will ever be entwined.
    Mi amor, if I die young, dress me in satin and lay me on a bed of white roses.

    Mi amor , I love you even though I wish this land swallowed every bit of my existence.
    Believe me when I say I lived a thousand lives before you and none as divine as the life I share with you.

  • ohhhwell 96w

    Cosmic reflections.

    glanced at the terrifying image presented before me and the creature seemed to be nothing of this world, animal-like with a slithery tounge and a sinister smile. Danced to see if the creature would move along with me. It's alluring purple eyes kept me fixed at it's structure, with my curiosity peaking, I punched the mirror trying to recreate it's imperfect image and I looked again at the broken bloody mirror and finally recognised what I have become, an unconscious creature with no emotion.

  • ohhhwell 97w

    dead butterflies

    I did it as I a sang a song of our broken love.
    I plucked every one out and tore it in half because they yearned for your toxic touch that brought them to life.

    I did it in the dark, with my eyes closed and all I could visualize was your angelic face .
    I did it as your name echoed inside my head and left me wishing I could turn back time.

    I killed a part of me that that wouldn't let go of your unreal smile, because I still believe in love at first sight

  • ohhhwell 98w

    A sinner's plea

    i come before thy throne of mercy, wrapped in nothing but evil deeds.
    i confess i have done everything but thy will.
    O Lord forgive me for i have sinned.

    All i ask is for thine to renew my tainted soul and i will serve thee all the days of my life.
    Guide me for i have been visually impaired by the world's pleasures
    Forgive me O Lord for i have sinned.

    like a dove i will follow thine light and place my trust on your might.
    thou hast shown me grace and love in my most ungodly night.
    Forgive me O Lord for i have sinned.

  • ohhhwell 98w

    Forbidden adventures

    Buckle your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life.
    Gaze into my lifeless eyes and see if you will find more than just a deranged soul.
    Let me tap into your frontal lobe and let my eyes take you back in time.
    Let them tell you stories that my lips fail to vividly narrate.
    Gaze into my eyes and you will see how the devil took me to space and taught me how to maneuver galaxies.
    Look into my cold eyes and let's fall in love

  • ohhhwell 99w


    We drank tequila and smoked cigars.
    We drew castles in the sky and we promised each other to wear our invincible crowns till the end of time.
    How foolish of us, to think we would make it after the tequila has evaporated with our castle.

  • ohhhwell 100w

    Angelic energy

    You make me feel like I have wings and life Is the sky filled with endless possibilities

  • ohhhwell 100w

    Safe haven

    I took a walk because I wanted to find peace in the midst of this chaos.
    It was there where I heard the nightingale sing sweet nothings to my ear and made me feel like I was home.
    surrounded by silhouettes that made me question if everything is as it seems.
    Came face to face with the grim reaper and I saw pride in his eyes, because one day I too shall cease to exist.

    It was dead quiet, yet I could hear sobs of the lost souls that didn't know they had wings.
    It was that night where I let the moon kiss every part of me and finally skinny-dipped in momental euphoria.

    A place that proved to me that my soul shall too depart from it's host.
    It was there where my melancholy soul was filled with hope and I swore to savour every moment till my last breath.
    I took a walk to the graveyard, because it is the only place that brings me to life.

  • ohhhwell 101w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Season

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    Everything has a season and a reason, believe.