Testing my impromptu poetry skills. The only thing I know I want to do with life is to live it to its fullest��

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  • ohabhishruti 160w

    #couldmeanamillionthings I don't really know.
    Basically defines me more cuz I spend more than 2 hrs a day on phone.
    Need a detox so bye��
    Very veryyy impromptu.

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    We make to-do list.
    We make detox plans.
    Did you forget we got time to spend?
    Head inside your phone, eyes on the screen.
    Can you not sense me beside you?
    Am I invisible to you? What are you trying to do?
    Conquer the world. Get praise and comments from people who don't make sense.
    I got work to do. I got life to live.
    If you can't hold my hand, I don't worry to leave.
    If you can't praise the one beside you, the people on the other side could never make sense.

  • ohabhishruti 160w

    Daddy Newton.

    You say I got brown eyes.
    I can't see it with my glasses on.
    You say it's pretty but I guess I forgot to see me beautiful when I look in the mirror.
    Dang sorry bare me for the last 10 mins, bare me for the next 2 years.
    For I got stress to bury, Newton to understand.
    No time to praise. Textbooks 'round my eyes.
    My eyes I'm sorry I didn't care enough.