Ogunsola Ayobami Samuel also known by the pseudonym The Pen is a young Nigeria writer who graduated from Kinsey College of Education Ilorin in 2018.

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  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 10w

    We all have different mindset probably because we are raised differently, try to UNDERSTAND not ARGUE with people who see life from a different PERSPECTIVE from Yours.


  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 12w

    Shattered Trust

    Once upon an upbringing
    I was told to desist from trusting
    I thought if I could trust others
    Then I would have the trust of others

    The trust I built
    I watch it crumble before my eyes
    The faith I nurtured like a flower
    I see flare of light
    Suddenly, brust out to flames
    As they crumble before me

    I see the truth set before me
    As I see the broken heart


  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 12w


    Do your best and try the rest, what you call your best might actually not be the best.


  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 17w

    Save Me

    They say happiness will find me
    But I think sadness only find me
    It sneaks up on me in darkness
    Just when I think I have made it through

    Fighting a battle no one can see
    It's not a battle with someone else
    But rather with my very self

    It all started one day
    I thought it going to end the same day
    But it continued into weeks then to months
    It's been going on for years now
    I wonder if I can go on with the fight
    Voices in my end already telling me to give up now

    Silently calling out for help
    Calling out to someone to save my soul
    But nobody seems to care

    My heart is losing its beat
    Perhaps its tired of beating
    Or, can it no longer compete
    Against my restless mind?

    I tried my best to be strong
    But everyday is getting harder
    And still pretend like nothing is wrong

    They say help comes from heaven
    The heaven I look but help does not seem to come
    I'd be glad if heaven can let down a rope
    I think with that I can find my way home


  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 18w

    If Today Ends Without Me

    If today ends without me
    Don't come to my grave and weep

    If today ends without me
    Just put my body on a bed to lay
    Do not sorrow nor be in pain
    Celebrate my death for I owe no one debt
    I've lived a life I will never regret

    If my breath should cease before dusk
    Do not look sad, do not even mourn
    Do not cry so loud, for I won't return
    Just gather yourself, for you can't tell tomorrow might be your turn

    If today ends without me
    Just kneel down and pray that in heaven my soul be received
    For where I belong even before I was conceived

    If tomorrow never comes again
    If the day never breaks again
    Just know that I no longer belong to this world
    I'm only a traveling sojourner in this world


  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 18w

    "Ode to Ugliness"

    No one is ugly
    ugliness is just another form of beauty
    we fail to acknowledge


  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 18w


    Sit down and read me like a book
    Don't judge me just by my look
    Like every other human, I too
    need to be love more and more

    Friends do not draw near
    Dying without notice is all I fear
    Living with a broken heart
    Only adds pain to my body parts

    Acting like I'm all strong
    Perhaps that's where I have gone wrong
    I needed someone to lean on
    But it seems I only have me, myself and I

    I believe things will get better
    But will things ever get better?

    I look inside the mirror, I hate what I see
    All the lies hidden behind my mask
    when I pull it off my face

    I hope things will be fine
    I'm tired of this life of mine
    I wish for great things to happen
    But in the end will I ever by happy?


  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 21w

    To The Ever Selfish Friends

    How many sleepless night I had
    How many times had I sacrificed my sleep?
    Waiting for someone that haven't exist

    Then it came upon me again
    The pain of betrayal
    Just the price I have to pay
    For being way to loyal

    The passion you pretended
    Was only to obtain
    But when my charm has ended
    The charmer in me you disdain

    It hits me hard again
    The pain of abandonment
    The pain of shattered trust
    Is there no friend who's true?

    Farewell to you my friend
    I'm going somewhere else
    To those places where I'm reciprocated
    Where I'm no longer alone
    In my own abundance


  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 24w

    Heart Of A Loner

    Deep in my heart I'm a loner
    living my life a stranger
    In my shelter

    I've tried to blend and be sociable
    but the more people i meet
    the more disappointed I am

    I'm a loner in my current state of mind
    Keeping my space like I'm in paradise
    There is nothing you can do to make me feel otherwise

    Deep in my heart I'm a loner
    But in my loneliness I found solace


  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 24w

    Note From The Battlefield

    Dear friends and family
    From the battle field I write this piece
    With my blood as ink
    Few words I wish to say
    Before the bullet pierce my heart

    The gun shot is not ceasing
    Fellow soldiers are falling beside me
    Death had visited the battlefield
    Like a special guest of honor

    Don't feel sad
    Home I will return to one day
    Life is just a battlefield
    Not until I conquer all odds
    I will make sure not to run out of breath