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  • officially_ray 51w

    Eccedentesiast: some who hides pain behind a smile :(:

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    You've taken a little bit of my soul,
    A little too much of my sanity ,
    You've left behind a shattered heart,
    You've given rise to a monster,
    I'm tired of the diurnal stoush,
    Maybe I'm too much of an Eccedentesiast,
    that you fail to see me die a little everyday.

  • officially_ray 51w

    Selenelion: When you can see the moon and the sun together at the same time.


    Okay one thing, after every update mirakee does get better but still gets even more annoying. Can someone tell me how tf I can uk upload a picture I clicked instead of the pics I get to see here.

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    And they waited like the sun and moon, to see each other, even if it was for mere minute, their love blossomed in the selenelion.

  • officially_ray 60w

    Scars shone bright on her inky body,
    making up a dainty constellation of agony,
    She wondered what was her mistake
    that life was so apathetic
    All the seasons felt the same
    her eyes always had a fall of rain
    love had never crossed her path
    the journey she chose was of pain and loathe
    the Cinderella without a fairy godmother
    wearing her own shining armor,
    seemed to carry a heart of glass
    so fragile yet pure in its form
    withered like autumn leaves
    she smiled through her tears
    sleeping under the blanket of stars
    she looked up at the sky
    she drew a constellation of her stallion,
    she wished that it existed ,
    all that she wanted was an escape
    an escape from this obtuse world
    that never withheld any esse for her.

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    Damsel in distr(esse)

  • officially_ray 63w

    It's 2:00 in the morning and I can't sleep,
    everyone's kipping and it's all tranquil,
    but it's all chaos in my head,
    it wasn't supposed to end this way,
    you and me were so happy then,
    but you chose to stop because you found someone else,
    I wasn't enough? or maybe
    we're not meant to be,
    you left without an explanation ,
    well now I'm searching for them in maybes and mightbes ,
    and all I feel is useless and numb,
    no wound has ever cut me so deep,
    that it hurts even if it's a single breathe,
    tell me why you chose to stay,
    when everyone else had walked away,
    so you could push me right into the abyss ,
    paint it white with your lies,
    adorn it with your handsome charms,
    looking for another prey?
    Pull me out of this lie called love,
    it stifles in here,
    but you don't seem to lend a hand,
    are you afraid that you'll be in here ?


    a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia

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    but you don't seem to lend a hand,
    are you afraid that you'll be in here ?

  • officially_ray 69w

    #random who's even reading? ��

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    Epiphany of my heart

    I don't need what I'm getting but I want what I deserve
    I don't care about happiness but I don't want to be sad anymore
    I don't need a knight in shining armor, I can fight with the sword too
    I don't really care being alone but I don't want to be ignored,
    I love myself, but I yearn for being loved too,

    I talk about everything, but I want you to listen to what my silence speaks too

    I know I'll feel this way again, but I don't want to feel it anymore..

  • officially_ray 69w


    Don't leave me at my worst,
    life's probably a curse,
    it's nothing but a scar,
    sun's right up on my head,
    I've never seen no rain,
    I might die of this thirst ,
    is there even an escape?
    let me out of this trap,
    I don't seem to belong to this place.

  • officially_ray 70w

    I can see your tears behind that smile,
    I can see the pain you've been hiding for so long,
    I can see how much it hurts to be ignored,
    I can see how you miss being happy,
    I can see how bad you want to be cared ,
    I can see how you're dying on the inside a little more everyday,

    I can see how your pupils have changed into the shade of melancholy from joy,

    how your eyes don't light up when you smile,

    how you don't feel happy anymore when you listen to your favourite song,

    I can see everything, for you and I are the same,
    I've been talking to my reflection,
    and my eyes tell me everything......


    I just wanted to tell that from now on I'd write to myself under #ofc_ray_myself , when things get hard, when I'd feel low and when I want someone to say “hey I got your back” , “don't worry” and when I know there's no such person, I'd write to myself, more like a love note , something for myself,you might find it dumb but trust me idc. ✨

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    Your eyes tell..

    I can see everything, for you and I are the same,
    I've been talking to my reflection,
    and my eyes tell me everything......

  • officially_ray 71w

    #we_can_right? #genuine_readers
    Pic credits : me, it was a beautiful dusk indeed

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    Will you?

    Can you stop being cold for a while,
    I might die of frostbite,

    Let my heart's warmth pull you into an embrace,
    maybe the sun of hope will shine ,

    I know it's raining melancholy for you,
    maybe you can plant saplings of forgiveness,

    I know life is vicious and unfair to us ,
    but maybe we can try a little tomorrow, and some more the next day?


  • officially_ray 72w

    Please let me know if this should be removed.
    Ik ik it's been hella lot of gibberish for you to bear.
    #genuine_readers #ofc

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    Pillow talk

    In every muffled sob my pillow has soaked,
    in every wail of mine that was ignored,
    I've said zillions of words that go unheard ,
    until, I realized my pillow smells like balladry,
    I've been crying poetry...

  • officially_ray 72w

    Ink lasts longer than love,
    maybe that's why everyone's
    penning down heartbreak.