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  • oceansavedme 28w

    fresh start

    It's okay that some call it blue while others are intent on green
    That's fine with me
    It seems
    We don't pay attention to the same things
    But even if we did
    Some call it blue
    While others silently say green
    That's fine with me
    We don't pay attention to the same things
    It's understandable you see
    That although we have similar hardware
    A flesh body and what gives
    We don't all run the same system
    Some hack
    And some are laid back
    Some cut while others grow
    That's fine, you see, it's just diversity
    What happens when we lose our unique perspective
    And we all start seeing the same thing
    Hearing the same narrative
    Adjusting our bias based on a strangers opinion
    Dislocated communication
    The beginning of believing
    Leaves me stranded on a island
    It's such much easier to not know
    Not see a cause
    Or effect
    Originating interaction with cosmic inflations and virtual entities
    Entitled to being as much as being entitled can be sickening
    A right to see
    Your left
    As maybe a right
    Left behind is not existing
    The seconds gone are not missing
    They do not exist
    Nor the separation
    But true
    So much so it hurts
    To know you speak to me
    And I can't discern your language
    These signs
    The paradigms
    Always appraising my imagination
    Infatuations with fun, play, game
    Why so serious
    Because it's not a party unless there's understanding
    This is the end
    The bear
    The river
    The stardust
    This is it
    It's all
    Everything mixed just right
    For us to be present
    So present yourself a present
    And allow this moment to be a gift
    May your lips behave in such a way
    As to kiss your existence
    And smile
    Your eyes
    They can't help it
    They've been opened
    They see!

    cheers xoxo <3

  • oceansavedme 28w

    On Doing/Being

    Be here now
    How much effort does it take
    To be present
    Not bothered
    Relentless in rest
    How much energy does it take
    To be here now

    Entangled in meaning
    Setting worlds apart

    Already here
    Everywhere is here
    Is that weird?
    You could be anywhere
    Different places at once
    Different times
    Point of reference
    It's still just this
    Presently presiding over uniqueness
    Eloquence and ambiguity
    Atmospheric pressure pressing rapidly
    My wounds all healed the scars displayed on scattered platforms, deteriorating walls and blacked out precipices

    All abounds


  • oceansavedme 29w

    Caliber Letters


    Love Is such a simple word
    Rhymes with Dove
    Love is wild when it is free
    Love me free
    A little while
    Wild hearts
    At ease
    The comfort. I found. In your skin.
    Cannot be synthesized
    By the most capricious a.i.
    I feel high
    At sea
    Dreaming of you
    Your touch
    Next to me

  • oceansavedme 29w


    This body hurts
    All the bruises and beatings
    Restless misgivings
    Expedite my torment
    These bones beg to burn
    Only to return
    To and fro
    From the gate of bliss
    beyond beyond
    These feet are calloused
    These eyes
    They burn
    So much seen
    So much seeking and searching
    For the golden scrolls
    Finding day glow
    In the darkened sky
    The moon's reflection dances
    While the fire mimics chaos
    A movement unpredictable
    A prediction gone south
    So every cloud
    At some point
    Becomes a ghost


  • oceansavedme 31w


    Been on full effort from dime to dime
    Just to find a reason
    For a second time
    But seconds turn into minutes
    Or so the hours claim
    What's a number to a letter
    Or a symbol to a sound
    Thunder crashes
    Lightning burns
    Full of ashes
    The ashtray lays.

  • oceansavedme 31w

    Miracle, of sorts and beach shorts

    It's a plea
    Ocean please
    Save dme
    That's not me
    Just a body
    Worn to experience thee
    $peak now'
    microphone ️

    But did the ocean answer?
    Or was it busy doing it's thing...

  • oceansavedme 31w


    Your heart is noble
    Just where it needs to be
    Carrying seeds of love
    Forever in-between

    It is the material that's flawed
    Matter of fact
    It's not the material
    But the sculptor who fucked up

  • oceansavedme 31w

    Blood clocks

    The clot of wires and ruins
    A city established by greed

    Nature claims it's terrain
    For those who want to fence

    The lot of us in ropes and chains
    Chords and outlets

    What a shame
    We did so well
    To end the same


  • oceansavedme 31w

    Stay, sunboy, stay.

    May the showers never end
    Once the sky decides to cry
    Empty of all desire
    A resting place I cannot find

    May the rain never stop
    Drown my sorrows in the sea
    Mermaid dreams and lullabies
    How I miss our last goodbye

    May this month end all suffering
    And the Earth to ash return
    May the water mix with compost
    That I may root and grow again