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  • obscura_nix 164w

    If you can't discover what's keeping you in,the will to get out soon becomes confused and ineffectual.


  • obscura_nix 165w

    This poem is for all those people who easily give up..,but remember., you are not the only one.We're all the same, and we need to get through this together with our loved ones.
    #nevergiveup #melancholy #poem #lonelynights #like #comment #wecandothis #love

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    Lonely at night,staring at the ceiling,
    But you got no words to describe what you're feeling.

    Seems like everything is falling apart,
    But you got no plans how to re-start.

    Nothing hurts when you're alone,
    But you hate the fact,that all your world is confined in your phone.

    Despite of this melancholy
    you better not give up,
    Cz remember..the next day,your loved ones are waiting for you to wake up.


  • obscura_nix 166w

    Hey..,So this is how i decided to start my account.., with this first poem I've ever made..,hope you all liked it.., Follow my page for more #like #comment #poem #weareallthesame #mendesarmy #firstpoem #littledidtheyknow

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    They'll always just see the curve my fake smile made.,
    But they'll never understand the hell I feel ,deep inside my head.
    How are they supposed to judge my tears!
    They ain't even aware of my scars
    and fears.
    Deep inside I feel like screaming.,
    I'm lifeless,I'm depressed., Is anyone out there who is hearing ?
    They think I'm inane
    Only because they're unaware of my pain.