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  • obotiana 48w

    I have hopes
    As butterflies
    Swerving around every petal
    On every beautiful day

    The flowers
    An extension of boldness

    Both purifying air
    Into my longing lungs
    Not letting me
    Lose trust
    In my instincts

  • obotiana 51w

    Remember when we'd
    Walk home from wherever
    With the breeze hitting on our faces
    And often times had too much to carry in our hands
    We were beauty crafted from clay

    The memories now distant
    And I still await your call
    Whenever I visit these places
    Your voice no longer dances with the air
    And now the breeze questions my presence

  • obotiana 56w

    Hey babe!
    I just called to say
    I'm wearing the smile you got me
    Along side the ego that comes with it
    And i look super amazing
    I smell like those rose petals you pulled from the yard lately also
    And my skin glows like hell
    Thank you!

  • obotiana 57w

    I write so the love
    That once lived between us
    Always has a place to call home
    In a universe full of beauty
    Where misery also dwells

  • obotiana 57w

    I thought nothing could
    Keep us apart
    And if anything did
    It'd be you
    I thought we'd pick our bags right back
    If we ever fell or slumed
    And if we didn't
    It'd be love

    If you slipped I would catch you
    Right before you fell
    While I live and I love you,
    Why then not in death?
    In a million more ways
    My undying love I could profess,
    I am human and I love you
    But darling, expect a lot less

  • obotiana 57w

    I made a hell of a mess loving you
    And now I must learn to let you go
    Loving you is just not the words I spell
    Loving you is something
    I will never get over
    I cannot walk this earth
    And not notice
    That it's entirely empty
    And unaware of the fact
    That I'd probably die
    A lot more times than once

  • obotiana 61w


    And when it seems like all hope is lost
    The seemingly possible becomes impossible
    When my heart no longer conforms
    To the resonance of it's beat
    Because it forgot
    How beautifully it moved while it danced
    So it built a wall
    Between our breathes
    And echoes that said all we should have done
    Sent chills down our bones
    That left us numb dead yet alive
    In our pride

  • obotiana 62w


    I'm happier
    Since I took that road trip down
    I don't care lane
    And saw all of you perfectly imperfect lies
    When I realized it wasn't just about more
    Until I started smelling my own roses in my head

    I'm happier
    Since I felt the world at my reach
    With every breath I took
    And I couldn't see your face
    Fake the very smile I crumbled at
    And your darkness lost its grip on me

    I'm happier
    With just a lit bit more of the love
    I gave!

  • obotiana 62w


    And If tomorrow I stagger at any of my promises
    Know that I never let my heart skip a beat
    Except it saw you from afar
    Or heard your voice
    That I never saw the sun set
    Without first seeing it hit your face
    Remember how I drove miles away from home
    Just so I watch you laugh
    Know I stayed up most nights
    Just to watch you smile while you sleep
    Know how much of myself I'll loose for you
    And how much i did change for you
    Because in the end
    They were promises
    Empty void stagnant
    I was real full of life and once all you dreamt
    And I gave each life

  • obotiana 63w

    Our world

    We live in a world where
    A baby sees a destruction before a human being
    A woman thinks her body should dance only to the tune the world plays
    A man is driven by his sexual desires and cravings
    A mother's only duty is to provide a womb
    A father is mostly involved for no more than 7 minutes
    A child believes more in his peers
    The youths would do anything for pleasure
    The old are greedy
    In a world where
    The living fancies the dead
    The rich have bloods on their hands and stones as hearts
    The poor must fake it to fit in
    The learned need paper works to prove it
    The unlearned sees every reason to request for it
    Money speaks love
    love now envelopes disloyalty, strife and deception
    creation stares tiptoeing at the horizon
    Awaiting the outburst of light
    Heaven becomes the goal when death speaks
    A world where we forget that we live on borrowed time