the words running around me, i take my duty seriously to catch and befriend them

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  • obossco 1w

    Numb, i beg.

    Please, please, please..
    Please numb this feeling
    Please numb this worthlessness
    I beg you!

  • obossco 2w

    If i do not know you

    If i do not know you.. i am in the dark
    If i do not know you.. i am hopeless
    If i do not know you.. i am lifeless
    If i do not know you.. i am meaningless
    If i do not know you .. i am aimless
    If i do not know you.. i might dead at this moment.

  • obossco 2w

    Choose you

    In this life
    Choose what makes you happy
    Choose what makes you alive
    Choose what makes life bearable
    Choosse what makes you human
    Choose what's matter
    Choose what makes you content
    Above all.. choose you!

  • obossco 3w

    Song of a moss

    Alone i'm moss
    Together we're mosses
    Alone i'm a speck
    Together we cover the world
    Hand in hand we are marvelous

  • obossco 3w

    Not mine

    The missed opportunities.
    To love,
    To argue,
    To make a stand,
    To gain money,
    To land that job,

    It is not mine to cry over

  • obossco 4w

    Good night universe

    Night,night sparkling stars
    Dream,dream shining moonlight
    Close,close tightly eyes
    Sleep,sleep goodnight rest

  • obossco 4w

    Self-made remedy

    Stay silent
    Keep dreaming
    Start doing
    Time and effort will reveals your plans to completions.

  • obossco 4w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Insecure

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    Everything: too ugly

  • obossco 4w

    Be firm on your 'no'

    Your 'no' will be tested over times
    Numerous tempting invitations to overwrite you 'no'
    Even the urge will be almost unbeatable
    Be firm on your 'no'!
    You will thank yourself in a long run!

  • obossco 4w

    Promise me

    Promise me you will give VIP treatment to yourself