cus writing brings in some internal peace !

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  • nushki06 56w

    Honestly, at the end all you choose is a person who you want to struggle with !


  • nushki06 59w

    Life goes on, with or without whoever and whatever.

    Never forget that.


  • nushki06 63w

    Have you known anyone who has done something wrong and still feels that they have done the right thing ?

    Recluctant to even accept their share of mistake and keep proving that, whatever they did was because of some reason. They never want to apologies but rather give reasons for what they did.

    The feeling of entitlement for these people are unreal. They enter your life whenever they want, even when you have stopped having conversations with them. They drop in your life every once in awhile just to show that they miss you, you were the best thing that ever happened.

    Anytime do you wonder then, why didnt this person apologies for the mistakes they have done? The answer is they think whatever they have done is always valid. They turn mistakes on other individuals showing that they themseleves where never wrong.

    Entitlement, supriority, being a victim is what toxic people do. According to them whatever they do, is correct.

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    Toxic people love playing the victim.


  • nushki06 63w

    All the chaos / noise is in your mind.

    Block it.


  • nushki06 69w

    There she is... my messy girl
    Bold yet coward,
    Smiling heading downward,
    Teasing the sunlight,
    Daunting the windy flight.

    There she is.... My dainty darling,
    Pushing a pull door,
    Laughing on her own,
    Spalashing the rain water,
    Playing with the door stopper.

    There she is.. my hurricane,
    The party rocker,
    The street shocker,
    Dashing through the mist,
    Screaming behind a fist.

    There she is... my silent streamer,
    The sudden splash of silence,
    The scene after violence,
    Not any mischeif around,
    Just sudden silence above the ground.

    There she goodnight lullaby,
    Pays a visit to all my dreams,
    My twinkling star under moonlight beam,
    Like the glowing fireflies,
    More enchanting than the lies,
    There she is... my lifeline.

    #mirakee @mirakee @soulofdevil @writersnetwork @soulwriter___ @writersofmirakee

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    There she is.....


  • nushki06 73w

    Just for today don't think, don't look at the truth.
    Just for today let's get lost in a dream, let's get lost in a lie.
    The truth will eventually come, and then there will be no running away from it.

    So just for today, just for now, confront me with a lie.
    A lie that the word has love.
    A lie that there is a beautiful place with no pain, loss, betrayal.
    A lie that you will stay.
    A lie that you care.
    A lie that everything we believe in will eventually come true.

    A lie that you love me.
    Because I love you, and I wish it was a lie.

    #soulwriters #mirkaee #writernetwork

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    Just for today


  • nushki06 75w


    Real love is always chaotic.
    You lose control, you lose prespective.
    You lose the ability to protect yourself.
    The greater the love, the greater the chaos.


  • nushki06 78w

    Year 2021

    Let this year be about self-love and less tears. Always keep
    your happiness and mental peace above undeserving

    Remember your past doesnt define you. Live in the moment and suuround yourself with right people and good vibes.


  • nushki06 78w


    Goals : Self love


  • nushki06 81w

    Just because they can't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they have.

    When we start to like or love someone we often fall in love with the idea of how the love is going to be, the imginary scenes and the imginary love that is created in your head looks magical and you start getting upset when things dont go your way. We start to feel that our partner is not as invested in us as we are into them.

    Everyone has their way to love. Some of us are loud while the others are silent. The people who are loud like to show their partners off, scream out their love for their partner. Whereas, the silent lovers like to show their love through small gestures. As there are different kinds of people there are different type of expression of love.

    People who have the same wavelength are happy, but Lucky are those who enjoy best of both worlds. Never assume that your partner doesnt love you just because they dont love you the way you want. Feel lucky because your partner loves you with everything they have.

    @soulofdevil @soulwritter @writersnetwork @mirakee #qoutes #thoughts #words #wisdom #thoughtsofwriter #wordsofmirakee

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    Love works in different ways !

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