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  • numbness 89w

    I wish I was a singer then at least someone would listen to my words.

  • numbness 96w

    I wish I could blame others for making me feel things that I don't want to. But, the truth is, since the day I learned how to feel, I've just been feeling too much. Too much of life, too much of death. Too much of everything. If only I could find equilibrium amongst the mess that I am, maybe I'd be what others call 'normal'.

  • numbness 99w

    Been thinking about my last conversations a lil too much.

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    If you knew I were to die tomorrow, would you still talk to me the way you did?

  • numbness 103w

    If you saw how many dust particles air constitutes of, would you stop breathing?

  • numbness 105w

    I was lying wide awake.
    Tried to sleep.
    The window was open.
    Wind was blowing.
    It was cold.
    Really cold.
    I wanted to shut the window.
    Couldn't get up.
    So, I just kept staring at the window.
    Hoping someone would come in and shut it.
    But, the door was locked.
    The night passed away.
    I couldn't shut the window.
    And the cold didn't go away.

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  • numbness 110w

    Makes sense? No.
    Do I care? No.

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    Sadness doesn’t always come at 3 AM when you’re lying awake overthinking everything that made you like this. Sometimes, it’s on a Monday afternoon while you’re having coffee with your friends and it automatically makes you wanna shut out everyone and just stop everything for a moment.

  • numbness 112w

    Some people get valued while they're alive, some when they're dead. As for me, I don't think I'll ever get valued.

  • numbness 114w

    But, it's okay.

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    I just wish you loved me too.

  • numbness 115w

    And I cried.

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    "I see the way you smile. You've got sad eyes, child."
    ~ someone who doesn't even know me

  • numbness 116w

    Is it the reason why you exhaust yourself to sleep so you don't have to be alone with the voice inside your head?