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  • notebook_ 18w

    What's spring to you?
    Flowers blooming
    Adored with drops of dew?
    What's evening to you?
    Dusk so soothing
    With a tinge of crimson hue?

    #spring #colours #flowersblooming #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A drop of paint splash..

    Endless sky, ocean powerful!
    Rainbow turning the blues beautiful!
    To the hearts of gloomy and sunny yellow-
    With the rising sun, everything is mellow!
    Ignition of the flame so hot!
    Orange influences everyone's thought.

    Freshening your pale face with green-
    With nature, joy and growth, life seems serene.
    White belong to peace and broken!
    Sometimes love, sometimes pain, red is heart;
    Purple speaks of great relevance.
    Spring draped and drenched in elegance!

  • notebook_ 18w

    It's not always the darkness that scares,
    It's hope too!
    Hope of not turning the blind to mind.
    Hope of turning the deaf into muffled sounds of light.
    If it ever passes by me, or by my home,
    Of turning the dumbest into screaming,
    And to stop it from leaving me.

    #darkness #wod #journal @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Shrinking in a corner of the room,
    I remember the light falling down
    From the ceiling of my room,
    Crashing like the chandelier-
    And breaking the glass pieces!
    Where I see myself biased,
    And less peaceful,
    Shattering my fragile worlds
    With a thin blanket of fear.

    When the darkness shares a room with me,
    I see light leaving me.
    In a speed faster than my hope!
    And then carrying my hope in its arms, to leave together.
    And me alone with the belief of not returning again.
    I see them leaving,
    Through the pores of the wall,
    Through my closed window panes!
    And freeing up the cell of my devil!

    I don't fear it living with me,
    But I fear, is it staying with me forever?
    Like the cut marks I'd on my wrist.
    That reminds me of the hope I lost.
    The hope of not seeing the light.
    Through the open window panes,
    Through the pores of my darkness,
    It's not always the darkness that scares me most!
    It's the hope too.
    Hope of not seeing the light again
    In the same place it fell,
    Or Somewhere, or in someone.

  • notebook_ 19w

    What I want to be,
    It's been always my thinking.
    Sometimes, I might be,
    The small pieces of hope,
    In my dark ocean of knowledge.
    I maybe the diluting piece of my peace;
    I carried the enthusiasm in my drakness.
    I maybe the balancer between my spirit and mind.
    I'm the happiness of my 'neither' or 'nor' days.
    What have I become, was what I all along.

    #introduction #wod #poem @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I am..


  • notebook_ 19w

    She seems damn hot all day under this bright shiny light. Every night the pain of separation making her to yell. Her desire to meet him was growing everyday. It doesn't matter how hard she tries, but she couldn't make it up. She was dying deep inside her. She was unknowingly infuriating. She started to wait for him.

    Finally, that day arrived for what she waiting for. To meet and manifest her love again. His warm breath become cold. His tears automatically came out. Their love was exhibited to the world; as cold breeze and rain. The sky(He) and the earth(she) celebrates their oneness with the world, as we people enjoy it as rain.

    A true love, of the earth and the sky.
    She- The Earth
    He- The Sky

    #skyandearth #separation #wod #lovestory @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Nature's love story..

    She is squirming in pain,
    As we enjoying in rain.
    She roars and scream,
    As the thunder crash our dream.
    He's a silent on-looker,
    As she forms a river.
    She has to maintain her poise,
    That her outbreaks can make noise.


  • notebook_ 19w

    When you decided to do the ordinary things with the fullest, it becomes, 'Meraki'.

    #words #wod #meraki @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I wish that I could..

    I wish that I could be the one. As she sleep tonight, all her worries will dissolving in the light, one-by-one throughout the night.

    I wish that I could be the one. So when she woke up, she will rub them away, that she don't want to carry all day.

    Her eyes won't be full of tears, she'd no fears. But, however hard I try, I can't able to remove her cry.

    It seems that she's waiting for someone to pick her up, from the mess where she's stuck!

    I wish I could be the one, which makes her to forget the memories' chain and turn back the time. And be her again.

    At the end of this dark stormy night, everything almost coming to an end, with an ushering of the pleasent dawn..!


  • notebook_ 20w

    That was the perfect day,
    When we met for the first time in the way.
    We were strangers to eachother,
    But i felt something for you.

    I only saw you in a picture,
    when we met, your pale eyes is magical.
    I couldn't find any conclusions,
    That I have lot of confusions.

    It was a fine evening of a winter,
    Where i found my true lover.
    When i saw you first time,
    My soul murmured you are just mine,

    It was the love at first sight,
    But it was a delight.
    I just melted in the blue eyes,
    And there no limit to the skies.

    My soul wanted to be in your arms,
    And you wanted me to protect you from the storms.
    Your sight affected my heart,
    And I was impressed by that art.

    The secrets started to open,
    We started accepting eachother.
    I could read your mind and heart,
    And I never wanted to be apart.

    I could feel, you're broken inside,
    Where something already died.
    My heart beating so fast,
    And there were, I blast.

    You were like an open book,
    And I was impressed by your inner look,
    That was the memorable twenty minutes,
    Where I felt love beyond the limits.

    #poem #poetry #firstmeeting #meeting #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld

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    Perfect day..

    With the sunset in the eyes,
    Over a coffee we met!
    Verses were set free,
    For the souls meeting with the glee!

  • notebook_ 20w

    Alone witch..

    Some say, I am mad. Some say, I am a witch. I know about all the rumor, and I don’t care. Lot of tales are burning around me. Well, myths were learnt before science, isn’t it? And you are no exception. Actually, that’s okay.

    Call me a witch, call me mad. It doesn’t matter. I just want you to learn this. How can a rumor make sense? when I’m all flooded within, by that man’s love? You never knew him.

    He-My first love. The lava, that shone through my eyes. And me- his roots; strong roots. We could do anything together. Like anything. I met him, standing under the light post of a random street. He had that a face of a poet. His eyes were carried by some fire sparkles. Disconnected from earthly things. I fell in love, just like that; even when I leave from the town he’s living. I could breathe him in. I could sense him.

    And moreover he was a real poet! He’s weaver. That he would weave his poems. That I crave emotions. Together, we were that strong. Can you feel it? We could kiss the sun. We could bring the light of moon.

    You must know , he never proposed me. Yet, we could live ages without a promise. We were lovers. We did everything, a couple does from distance. Danced in the rain. Laughed through the flowers. Kissed in the moonlight. Yes, we were lovers.
    It feels as if it happened yesterday night. I were waiting for him to meet my family.

    Can you feel that? when love is sworn in front of Fire? That overwhelming happiness waiting on your eyes? Can you sense those butterflies kissing on your neck? My eyes, kohl-lined. My hairs, scented. My soul, embracing rituals. I could have waited whole my life. After all, he wasn’t coming. The King of my kingdom. I could hear my parents murmuring. Neighbors gossiping. I could ignore them. He belonged to an another town, after all.
    What will happen, if he was getting late? my heart trembled a little this time. They were doubting my man. I waited, to shut everyone’s mouth. But he wasn’t coming. How can a tree cut its’ roots?

    My Mom told me to change the dress. They forcibly removed my necklace. I had enough strength to fight them back. Lovers never cheat. Later, around the street’s corner, I could hear people discussing death of someone. Someone met with an accident. Everyone said it was the man who I waited for. I wanted to scream. I wanted to ask them to shut up. But I didn’t.

    I waited for him. I know, he was going to wake me up through all these saying it was just a bad dream. We would walk through the new dawn. The morning rays came in. Even the next morning. The next and the next. Days have turned into months now. I am still waiting. He was a man of words. I tell you, he weaves poem. May be, he is writing his best piece of poetry for his woman. I have learnt it through years. We need no promises.

    So, stop asking me questions. You have to trust me. You have to learn to love. This is nothing. Eyes will sparkle, with his gentle knock. And when the world will go to sleep, he will show up. And you will regret, for the world will lose one witch forever.

  • notebook_ 20w

    Thank to fake/worse people!
    Thanksgiving is the strongest disciple. Whereas doing is the actual thing. Of course we will thank people but learn to thank people who'd worse. It's okay if they'd bad to you. Some good things will happen when bad things arrived. So thank them. They would make you stronger than before. They would make you to think more. Life lessons will be taught by the worse people. Your inner courage and confidence explored in anger. You will decide to make yourself better and the best. Your eyes will stop crying. Your wear smile to confuse people and to make confidence yourself. Your circle will be small. You have only right people around you. You learn to make decisions; and you will be right then. They taught you to identify people not judging. You will act matured. Your classy mind will be a boss! So don't forget to thank people who did worse things; if they leave you, if they made you cry, if they ignored you, if they act like you are just like that a thing, just thank them. They will teach you something in the last. Sometimes they will show you who are you. What you can... SO THANK THEM!
    #thanks #blog #mirakee #miraquill #wod #writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Learn to say thanks.
    Not only for good things..
    But also the worse happened!
    Good or bad,
    Treat them as same!

  • notebook_ 23w

    I have everything what my parents want on the cost of what I want....

    #thoughts #costof #sacrifice #broken #wod #mirakee #writersnetwork #life

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    At the cost of..

    Here comes the chandelier,
    at the cost of my dandelion..
    Here comes light,
    at the cost of my right..
    Here comes jewels,
    at the cost of my spells..
    Here comes the lavish,
    at the cost of my wish..
    Here comes another person,
    at the cost of my man..!

  • notebook_ 23w


    A plate is full of spices? or a plate hasn't gotten spices?
    What do you prefer?
    Both plates are so futile, right!
    In a food, spices are needed; but with limits is necessary..!
    Sometimes we need it to be so spicy;
    Sometimes we prefer it to be less!
    That's what human mind is!
    It often fluctuates.