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  • not_so_damaged_goods 115w


    Lost, in the darkness,
    No one to turn to,
    But don't worry,
    The light is always close by.

  • not_so_damaged_goods 116w


    Thank you for breaking my heart,
    So I can finally be free,
    Slam your car door over and over,
    Because it's music to my ears,
    And even though it's colder now
    That I have more space to breathe,
    Thank you for breaking my heart,
    So I can finally be me.

  • not_so_damaged_goods 120w

    You know you're with the right people
    If you spend more time in silence than talking
    Because sometimes saying nothing can do more than words ever could.

  • not_so_damaged_goods 120w

    #breakup_wt bit late to the party again

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    Sorry if I didn't call
    But I just needed time
    Can't believe you'd kiss her
    When you're supposed to be mine

    Lately I've been thinking
    How many times does it take
    For me to see through your lies
    And the mistakes you continue to make

    So I'll be leaving now
    Don't try to follow me
    No need to say goodbye
    There really is no need

    It's not like you'll see me again
    I'm sick of being your boo
    I've already blocked your number
    P.S, I fucking hate you.

  • not_so_damaged_goods 120w


    Not every journey is about the destination.
    Some are about the choices you made,
    Or the people you met,
    Some are about your intentions before you even start moving.
    Maybe the purpose of the journey is the most important part of it,
    Whether it's for you, or someone else.
    And once you finally reach that final point on your voyage,
    Maybe it's that accomplishment that means the most to you.
    Nobody is ever lost,
    If they know where they're going.
    And even if they don't,
    Sometimes wandering is a good thing.

  • not_so_damaged_goods 120w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Transparent

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    I see through your constant lies.

  • not_so_damaged_goods 120w


    Don't say you love me,
    Because I know it's all a lie.
    Don't say you'll miss me,
    When you never said goodbye.
    Leave me now before my heart breaks in two
    Don't say you love me,
    Because I sure as hell don't love you.

  • not_so_damaged_goods 120w

    I was going to do this for a writing challenge, but I decided it wouldn't have been given proper justice. Hope you enjoy x.
    #love #hurt #letters #breakup
    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

    I wish I could have said goodbye.
    Not a rushed, meaningless one, no,
    I was angry, and didn't realise it would be the end.

    I wish I could see your face again.
    I remember how your smile beamed throughout my life,
    So sweetly, that I didn't care if it wasn't a smile for me.

    I wish I could have handled things better.
    I shouldn't have stormed out on you,
    After all we had been through, we could get over this.

    But could we really?
    If such a small thing could break us, were we ever going to truly last?
    In a way, I'm grateful for it, because even though it hurt, it taught me to be happy.

    And although it still stings, and I still love you,
    You weren't right for me.
    So I'll say goodbye properly this time,

    And I hope that you are happy now.

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    All good things must come to an end,
    We were stupid to think any differently.

  • not_so_damaged_goods 120w

    Kinda enjoyed writing this one

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    Death becomes her,
    Stripping away her every flaw,
    Laying the foundations for what's to come,
    As it kills her slowly from inside.
    She begs him to stop.
    Spare her instead.
    But why would he listen?
    Why is she any different to the rest of the souls he reaped?
    So he carries on
    Listening to her screams of terror and agony
    And when it is all over, he congratulates himself
    After all, he is right,
    Even if nobody else has the sense to see it.
    He is only doing what is best for humanity

    The cycle continues,
    As Death cleanses our world,
    With not so much as a thanks thrown his way.

  • not_so_damaged_goods 121w


    I don't want to be "that girl."
    I don't want to be an "it girl"

    But I don't really want to be just "some girl" either.