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  • not_in_existence 22w


    Detachment is not that you own nothing, but nothing should own you!
    Actually the greatest detachment is being close to everything and not letting it consume and own you!!
    -Think like a monk

  • not_in_existence 25w

    A relationship is kind of like a rocket, and you're trying to get it into space...All you need is enough fuel that get you out of earth's atmosphere..and then it will keep going no matter what you throw at it!!!
    It more about the initial thrust during launching..
    - Modern Love!

  • not_in_existence 76w

    Be thankful for every thorn that others might throw at you. It is a sign that you will soon be showered with roses!

  • not_in_existence 81w

    Some random thoughts!����

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    Heart and Ocean

    Sometimes I feel like heart and ocean are similar things!!
    Both have their own storms, their own tides and deep down they have pearls too..
    But only dedicated pearl hunters for ocean and trusted people for heart can get that pearls!!

  • not_in_existence 83w

    Something that I always say to my mind and heart..

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    "Bad time always passes!"

    Everyday I have to convince myself that the person who hurt you, may not be in his/her actual state(may be the person got hit his/her head and forgot who actually he/she was).They are actually not themselves who are hurting you but some different person. After sometime they will be okay and will be in their actual state. As everyone says, "Bad time always passes!"

  • not_in_existence 90w

    Love comes in understanding some Relationship

    Love is something that cannot be cultivated, love cannot be bought by mind.
    If I say "I'm going to learn being compassionate" then it would be just thought of mind, not love.
    Love comes when we unknowingly and fully understand this whole process of relationship.
    There cant be possessiveness, jeolousy and fear.

  • not_in_existence 96w

    Confident about understanding someone else ?
    Sure about understanding yourself ?

  • not_in_existence 97w

    Mind and Thoughts

    Mind is worst thing..there's hardly an interval between thoughts, one thoughts follows another without pause.. If a pencil is sharpened continuously soon there will be nothing left of it, similarily mind uses itself constantly and its exhausted. So better not to think more

  • not_in_existence 97w


    When you are too close to someone, you want to possess it, you want to call then your own --my friend, my girlfriend..
    But in this very process of holding you stop enjoying with that person because when you are possessive with someone there is fear, there is exclusion so the person that gave joy, a sense of inward beauty is lost and life is enclosed..

  • not_in_existence 108w


    There was happiness if you had crush on someone in your childhood, childish us consider that feeling as love.
    But as we grew up "crush" become frequent and we dont value it.
    Lucky are those people who get "crush" and "love" in same person.