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  • noreenrborooah 2w

    Light hides light
    But the dark enlightens it
    The light that you hid within
    Is more brilliant in my dark cover in
    You held the light that came across
    The light that crossed all roads

    Have you been ever made aware?
    That what belongs to you is far very great!
    Have you know your worth so while?
    That you are a constellation of bright stars
    Why stars?
    Because they hold their own light and win
    All the dark wars.

    You got cold and got froze
    You froze yourself
    You got struck and stuck, well I know
    But your warmth is not heeded so

    You can' one can hide that tho
    But within you, you hold so much
    So vivid and colourful so
    All you need is a vision
    A vision to peep in
    In and deep
    Deep until you've seen
    The light that you hold within.

    All that exists today is you
    All that was is not to fret
    And all that's coming, let it remain a surprise as you.
    Let's just live!

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    //You as a cold breeze
    Can still get warm
    And give warmth//


  • noreenrborooah 2w

    Suffice with the insufficient.

  • noreenrborooah 2w


    False for the ones who thought that it isn't,
    And true for the ones who thought that it isn't.


  • noreenrborooah 2w

    We live in a world where a smile is necessary when it's for others but no for yourself.

  • noreenrborooah 6w

    Let me hold your hand for some more
    Let me rest my eyes on yours a bit more
    Let me stare at your smile some more
    Let me love you a bit more

    Let me rest on your shoulder some more
    Let me know you inside out a bit more
    Let me trust you some more
    Let me love you a more

    Let me have you talk some more
    Let me have you cry a bit more
    Let me make you laugh some more
    Let me love you a bit more

    Let me make you peaceful some more
    Let me give you a hug bit more
    Let me be with you some more
    Let me love you a bit more

    Let me understand you some more
    Let me listen to you a bit more
    Let me make you feel special some more
    Let me love you a bit more

    Let me hold on to you some more
    Let me just kiss you for a bit more
    Let me feel you some more
    Let me just love you a bit more

  • noreenrborooah 7w

    Every inch of me
    Sinched in the underlying world
    With every inch of you
    That belongs to me
    Not so as a possession
    But as a compilation of abundant memories
    Are still left in me
    As beauty scattered butterflies

    //Oh! You pinced me
    Alas! It was a beautiful dream//

  • noreenrborooah 12w

    You can cause a pain,
    Not a destruction.
    You can change a situation,
    Not a life.

  • noreenrborooah 12w

    The essence of lost love

    The melody of laughter engulfed
    The sight of failing attempts
    The feelings that suffocate inside
    The faith that has been long lost.

    Under the starry night where starlight land,
    My hands held tight against yours,
    Our feets buried partially in sand.
    Your eyes rested peaceful on mine,
    Us defying the nature's command-
    Made this promise by the sea waves,
    That we'll live for each other and extend.

    To just a few days,
    When you saw the dark in many ways,
    When you saw the covering haze,
    When the lights went off and you were in amaze,
    When you're expections turned to waste.

    When you saw that I lived with much more than that smile,
    When it was clear that I had more left than in trial,
    When the incompleteness of me made you think for a while,
    When you got to know that I had issues of my own, more than a mile.
    You just left.

    And even if you didn't yourself,
    You did for me, just for 'myself'
    Your change is just so hurting,
    Your words so rough and reversing,
    Your deeds have no effort that pays,
    Your love just for yourself,
    And your concerns weren't there anyways.

    This essence is definitely so strong,
    But it taught me not to give up so young,
    It made me live for whom I belong,
    And that's why I call it the essence of the lost love that you've longed.

  • noreenrborooah 16w

    Remembered those golden days that seemed to have been always having a special place in my heart.
    Remembered those shills of laughter that echoed all around.
    Remembered the promises made the oaths taken.
    Remembered those dancing butterflies on your tummy.
    Remembered those dazing eyes that said all in light.
    Remembered those jolly days that made a special place in my heart.
    There's no slight of change but a border that's build
    Because you care only until you're needed to smile
    You cry and curb and you're no more in need.

    Truest is the one who lives in and out
    And not just around
    Truest you owe you could be until
    You see us fall
    You owe nothing
    And neither do I

    Let it just begin
    The past is gone and nothing in
    Silenced soul is the only answer you live with
    Let the bygones be bygones in
    And I'd then learn to live.

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    Dear me,


  • noreenrborooah 16w

    Feeling low is fine to the extent that you're not getting low to feel low :)