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  • nolongerhuman 27w

    Childhood Memories

    Once There Was A Rich Girl In My Neighbourhood.. We Used To Play Around That House, She Was Pretty And We Poor Kids Were Dirty.. One Day I Went to Her And Told Her She is So Pretty.. She Replied "Thanku"
    But I Can't Forget The Looks In Her Eyes Was Full Of Disgustion For Us..
    After Someday We Were Invited In Her Sister's Birthday Party ( All Neighbour Kids ) And After The Party I Saw Her Crying Bcs Her Piece of Cake Fell I Can Tell It Was Pineapple Cake Which Was Her Favourite Flavour.. So I Went To Her Mother And Gave My Piece Of Cake Saying I Don't Like Pineapple Cake.. Her Mother Gave That Piece Of Cake To Her She Ate It Without Even Realising Where Did That Piece Came From xD.
    I Was Tryin to Solve The Rubic Qube Which Was There In There BIG Party Hall ( My First Time Seeing Someone's Pvt Party Hall ) And Then That Girl Came To Me Snatching That Qube Saying You'll Broke It.. If U Ate Your Cake Then You Can Go Home.. I Replied " Ok I Was Just Looking Into It ._. " She Said Ok Now You Can Go.. ( Was So Embarrassing For Me ).
    I Came Back to My Home And I Asked My Mother "Why Are Rich People Rude? "She Wasn't Knowing What Happened So She Said :- Its Bcs They Sold Their Heart To Devil to Get Money" I Said :- Can I Be Rich If Sold My Heart As Well? :/
    My Mom Said " Why Do You Wanna Sell it?"
    I Replied :- I Wanna Be Rich As Well As Rude Like Her :( (And Then I Told Her Everything).
    My Mom Said :- You Got The Biggest Heart Devil Doesn't Want Big Ones.. You Should Keep It For Yourself..
    I Replied:- What is The Use Of Big Thing Which Can Be Broken Easily? ( Big Things Broke Easily )
    Mom:- Don't Think About Big Things Get Broken Bcs Big Things Can Be Used If Broken As Well..

    I Said :- Can My Heart Fix Other Broken Things?
    Mom:- U Need To Find Out Yourself :p..

  • nolongerhuman 28w

    Do Not Cry Over People Which God Took Away From You..

    He See Things You Never Saw..
    He Listened Everything You'll Never Knew..
    And Then,

    He Took The Step You Can Never Take..

  • nolongerhuman 32w

    Being Perfect Doesn't Mean You Need To Look Perfect..
    Being Perfect Means You Need To Believe Who You Think Is Perfect For You, No Matter How Imperfect Him/Her Can Be..

  • nolongerhuman 36w


    Tanhaiyo Se Wasta Rakhte Rakhte Hum Tanhaiyo Ke Hi Hogye..
    Hum Dekhte Rahe Unka Chehre Woh Anjan Banke Sogye.❤️

  • nolongerhuman 36w


    If There is Someone More Important Than You.
    Then You Are Not Important At All..

  • nolongerhuman 37w

    One Day

    One Day, Someone's Gonna Think About You For One Last Time.. After That They'll Forget About You For Eternity..

  • nolongerhuman 39w

    No Wonder Why Everyone Leaves Me..
    Even I Wants To Leave Myself Sometimes..

  • nolongerhuman 49w

    If You Are in Middle of Something Serious Than You Only Have 2 Options...

    Left The Matter or Right Your Doing
    © AmBaRsArIyA

  • nolongerhuman 53w

    What Hurts You The Most?
    * Someone Asked *

    I Replied :- The Person You Care About Most Says
    " You Don't Care "
    And the Worst Part is You Can't Denied Him/Her At That Moment Just To Feel Despair..

  • nolongerhuman 56w

    Everyone Wants To Be " Hero " of Their Own Story..
    Some Claim To Be " Villain " of Their Own Story..

    Here I M Trying To Be " Side Character " of My Own Story Cause Side Character Gives Everything While Gain Nothing..