~Some disconnections will bless your life~

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  • nobolb 1w

    As I walk through life,
    I look at all I have done.
    I had wandered aimlessly,
    And wondered what I have become.

    I have been through so much.
    It is amazing I made it through.
    Lessons I have learned.
    I am shocked I pulled through.

    At times I wondered
    What life was all about.
    The trials experienced in life
    Can make all the good come out.

    We try to make it day by day,
    Remembering what we were taught.
    Just remember some time to pray.
    It is important;
    We need it every day.

    Life can be short,
    Unexpected at that.
    We try to take its punches,
    Just hoping it won't break our back.

    Remember who you are,
    Who you want to become.
    Everything will fall into place,
    When the time comes.

    Don't forget I love you's
    Every chance you get.
    The time may be short.
    There is no time to regret.

    Life can be exciting,
    As we all have found out,
    Eventful, even busy.
    There is no time to be left out.

    Remember who you are
    And who you want to become.
    The time can be short.
    Don't leave things undone.

    Remember your families,
    They are the only ones you've got
    To carry you in times of need.
    They cannot be bought.

    Remember they love you,
    Either here or there.
    They will always be with us,
    Help for things to bear.
    ©Priya Gupta

  • nobolb 7w

    As I sit in my corner and think about your lies,
    I have nothing else to do but break down and cry.
    You knew it would end,
    You knew it would die,
    You knew one day we'd have to say goodbye.
    You told me you loved me,
    You told me you cared,
    But the rage inside has slowly flared.
    The moments we shared replay in my head,
    Along with all the sweet lies you said.
    You thought it was a game,
    You thought you'd win,
    But in the end you felt nothing within.
    Deep down inside there was a big empty space
    That I now realize you couldn't replace.
    Something about you helped me see
    That without love I'm finally free.
    Free from pain,
    Free from lies,
    Free from having tear filled eyes.
    Without your love I finally see
    All the horrid things you've come to be
    As I sit in my corner and think about your lies...

    #refrain #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thanks a lot @writersnetwork on E.C. ��....

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    I think it mean so much....

  • nobolb 9w

    I read this somewhere and it's really it hard��....

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    *Life of middle class family*
    •Seeing rich people and feeling sad for not enjoying like them.
    •Seeing poor people and feeling sad because can't help them.

  • nobolb 10w

    ~(I am as normal as I try to being in reality?)~

    ~/Let's talk about this that feeling which dead inside by saying u r fine dude (to urself)!!/~

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    Sometimes we cry in music (while singing)
    and everyone thinks that was only a try to make song beautiful?
    Isn't it Crazy?
    So, that's why I always say we aren't same..

  • nobolb 11w

    What are you watering? Can you change the seeds that you are currently nourishing and grow love, happiness, peace and forgiveness instead?

    #growth #wod

    Edit:- 6th E.C ��
    Thank you so much@writersnetwork

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    What are you growing
    in the garden of your mind
    what do you water
    nourish, feed?
    Do you plant seeds of forgiveness,
    of love,
    or do you fertilize weeds of anger
    resentment, fear?
    What are you growing
    in the garden of your heart?
    Do you allow sunshine to reach dark pain
    in the corners of your heart –
    Do you allow tears to wash it clean
    and nourish it –
    Or do you put up fences
    to keep out the feelings?
    Get on your knees
    grow your own food
    decide what it is you want in your soil.
    Know what you are cultivating
    what you are growing –
    a lot can grow in the garden of your body
    if you let it seed
    nourish it
    allow it
    watch it grow.
    ©Priya Gupta~

  • nobolb 11w

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder 
    Beauty is in all things. 
    Beauty is in the sky. 
    Beauty is in the water ever so blue. 
    Beauty is the winter when trees are covered with snow. 
    Beauty is the summer when you smell and see the flowers grow. 
    Beauty is all things big and little. 
    Beauty is in all things, 
    Black and white. 
    Beauty is in all things, you and me.

    Beauty is all around us...can't you see?//..
    ©Priya Gupta~

  • nobolb 11w

    Isn't it Crazy?��

    In this life
    I once felt hope.
    I sometimes still believe in this,
    but each moment a little less.
    I feel abandoned in my despair,
    and it's difficult to repair.
    I get broken each day some more,
    keeping these emotions in my core.
    I find myself hiding behind this smile,
    the one that shows my denial.
    I have thoughts of lonesomeness,
    which no person should possess.
    I camouflage this so well;
    it feels like I'm in hell.
    I hurt on the inside,
    trying to push these demons aside.
    I want something better,
    to not feel all this terror.
    I know it can be manageable;
    there are things that make life tolerable.
    I just cannot find the thrill,
    like when I was a child with a one dollar bill.
    I remember when dreams were imaginable,
    now it feels like I'm undoubtedly fallible.
    I wish to find myself soon.
    This feels as if I'm trapped in a cocoon.
    I would like to hatch,
    not be so detached.
    I need to end this coldness,
    before death leaves me soulless.

    #combination #wod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersnetwark

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    What died before the death...?
    That was only what I felt....
    Sitting in the corner..just waiting for you
    Now I leave this messy...cuz.. it's realized u never come back..

  • nobolb 12w

    I wrote a fairytale that
    I don't like to talk about my situation
    Because I know if I talk, I had to cry....
    Depression is not always dark rooms and crying endlessly...
    Sometimes it's getting up, going to work and smiling and laughing all day and then coming home to sit quietly doing little to nothing until it's time to go to bed....

  • nobolb 12w

    Њени плетени прсти не могу много притискајте тастере милост или сигурност више, а темпо је увек рубато, заустављање, али ипак тај звук - ноте дрхте и јасне у својој посебности, архивирање низ ходник - боли из чисте намере, мелодија некако лепша као остатак него шта год да је било
    ©Priya Gupta~

  • nobolb 12w

    Today as I went home,
    even if I'm with my friends, I feel so alone.
    Thinking of you made me feel so blue,
    for you love her, and I'm in love with you.

    This heartache makes me want to cry,
    but instead of tears, I express it with a sigh,
    for I don't want them to see
    that I'm crying, because I'm falling for you badly.

    "It's just a little crush," that's what I say,
    but it's making a big hole when I see you every day,
    for when I follow your stare, it leads to her,
    and sometimes, I feel like tears are going to make my vision blur.

    I know it's pathetic, but when you talk to me
    I feel so pleased and happy,
    but still, I know that you're not going to love me
    'cause your heart belongs to her completely.

    You're just a fantasy,
    and you'll never love me in reality.
    I know that someday you're just going to be a memory
    that I will remember when I'm lonely.

    But someday is not yet today.
    It still is far, far away,
    but I wish you'll notice anyway
    that my heart is breaking,
    and even though I'm smiling,
    just look in my eyes,
    and you'll see that I'm dying.

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    да ли је лако? можда не увек, али бол је понекад тежак ..