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  • noblekem 10w

    Thank you YAK

    For the training you've given us
    The impact in our lives,
    Is undisputable.
    For in your dependable support
    We find strength to push on
    You changed our life
    In your well of knowledge
    We have drunk
    The business opportunities you have given us
    Is changing our lives to better
    Our hearts goes to you
    Our Doner Oxfam
    Thank you Oxfam kenya.


  • noblekem 10w

    Letter to my love

    Weeell, when there is nothing to be said, when words fail and the mouth can't put out statements and it looks like we have hit a stone wall of silence, just know that my heart cries out for you, know that it's very beat is inspired by the love reflected in your bright eyes, that the blood flowing in my very veins are warmed by the sense of the touch of your lips and the tingly sensation of your fingers awakening my system, activating every bit of my nerves. For I love you soo much❤️

    Your Love,

  • noblekem 13w

    My love

    Today when I heard the voice of love,
    My stress melted away,
    Like the night candle.


  • noblekem 14w

    Ocean Blue

    If love was an ocean, then I would have drowned.
    But that's catastrophic, tainting its beauty.
    Getting such a terminating effect,
    From an everlasting intruiging enigma.

    And what of the Seas? I see a leeway,
    A current escaping, leaking away.
    Building into waves, no containing in the bay,
    Crushing in the ocean again, this is the way.

    What if it was meant to be?
    Not the terminating, the enormous extension.
    The beauty of  no bounderies, the breeze,
    This is crazily sweet, reaping the benefits outside. 

    Then I'm fully baptizing into this, with my all.
    Swimming into it's unreaching depths, as a whole.
    Going deeper and spreading wider, getting no wall.
     For in its enthralling beauty, I willingly got a fall.


  • noblekem 14w


    When I hug you,
    Hold you close,
    You feel like home.
    My peace,
    Happiness, calmness

    When you look at me,
    And give that sweet smile,
    The sparkles in your eyes,
    The unspoken love,
    Respect, trust.

    You are made of love,
    I love you.


  • noblekem 29w

    After kissing

    I love the look on her face
    The glowing eyes
    The pink lovely lips
    The satisfaction
    The peace
    Of her tender touch
    I must have masterd
    The art of kissing


  • noblekem 29w

    Kissing her

    Nothing is sweeter
    Than the touch
    Of her lips on mine
    The feel of her even breath
    The sweet scent
    Two souls connecting
    Allowing the force of life
    To flow through one to another
    Turning chaos to peace
    In getting of love a piece


  • noblekem 36w

    Love for you

    If you ask me what is love now
    I'll tell you its life
    And do you know what life is?
    It's happiness
    Talking about awesomeness
    It's crying, laughing
    It's understanding, getting
    Learning, leaning on
    Pressing on, sorrow
    Enticing, surprising
    Confusion, stressing
    But above all,
    It's beautiful
    And in wonder so full.


  • noblekem 38w

    Adaptive nature

    There will come a time
    When doing the normal
    Will seem to be out of the norm
    And looking back
    We will be surprised
    On the adaptive nature
    Of the human kind.


  • noblekem 39w

    In Loving.

    Love is a mystery
    One plus one is two
    But here you get one
    Through love one comes out of two
    And we are one in this

    I can't lose you
    For in that
    I will be losing my very self
    For In your love
    I have embedded my beinghood

    You have made my existence
    Which was once mostly of solitude
    Be more lively
    More intentional in loving
    And be of a better person