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  • no_mask_on 6w


    Does every girl who watch all kinds of cindrella movie, thinks her to be leading a life of Cinderella?

    Good vibes only.


  • no_mask_on 6w


    Moving towards the clouds.
    Moving towards the wind.
    Moving towards the every force you feel.

    Doesn't it disappoint you most of the time.
    Try to be your own saviour against all those forces and feel that strength.


  • no_mask_on 7w

    That mole in soul

    Blessing time.
    Bleeding mind.
    Never collide.

    Smooth actions
    Harsh reality.
    Never calms us.

    Peaked emotions.
    Worrying moments.
    Makes mole in soul.


  • no_mask_on 8w

    Are you unlucky?

    Most of the time.
    God make me suffer to all terrible experiences.
    No good things ever happened to me.
    Life have turned horrible.
    Do you split your tears for it?
    Yes that's the only option we get at times.

    God hates none.
    We don't love ourselves enough.
    So loves to blame ,every happening to others.


  • no_mask_on 9w

    Similar things.

    Building home and building safe place in your head is similar thing.
    Picking unknown things from anywhere is similar to taking unwanted opinions personally.
    Being silent while tolerating injustice is similar to suffering silently when mentally exhausted.


  • no_mask_on 9w

    Can anyone answer?

    Business , Money , all around.
    Why not running towards Love , kindness, peace and the authenticity to be as ourselves ?


  • no_mask_on 9w

    You know how to live?

    Walking in calming nature,
    Touching every leaves,flowers.
    Watching the beauty of the greenery around.
    Getting those glimpse of birds and making their sounds reach our ears.


  • no_mask_on 9w

    Back with lessons

    You are going to end up feeling more dissatisfaction in life than any satisfaction and enthusiasm. Agreed?


  • no_mask_on 78w

    Maybe we could have hurt each other lesser, if we would have been given enough love to fight all the pain.


  • no_mask_on 79w

    Are you yourself?I know we all are restless.The things are not just slow, but is standstill.It's just probing all our human instincts.The unabated patience, unconditional love, kindness and what not. Just to let us know how ordinary we are.Use all your extravagant things around you,but you will remain that stuck as anybody else.Trust me, you will keep freaking out more often now. And that's Okay. But vent it out to someone trustworthy immediately. Some incredible things happened to me in this whole chapter of this home arrest.And that makes me feel good at times when i really feel stuck.I can't wait to be free,I am scared sometimes too.But i am glad all are getting to taste the colors of their own vulnerabilities at the same time .