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  • nnmswrtr 61w

    I no longer know

    If it is me missing you making me sad
    Me wanting to be sad making me miss you....

  • nnmswrtr 95w


    I wish you were here like the good old days
    So that I can get through this breakup of

  • nnmswrtr 95w


  • nnmswrtr 100w

    Maybe words and tears aren't so different
    Both dries up after a certain point
    Though the feelings behind
    Still stayed the

  • nnmswrtr 103w


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    Never thought I would last a day without you
    But the days passed quickly followed by weeks and months

    Time quickly passed yet the memories of us still stayed new
    Thought impossible I just wish we can have our moment once

  • nnmswrtr 106w

    I wish I can never get over you
    Because I knew the moment I did
    A part of me will be dead along with it
    Which is the only part I feel that's worth
    Living for....

  • nnmswrtr 108w

    Just like a fountain pen with a broken nib
    All I can make are empty impressions
    Or an Inky

  • nnmswrtr 110w

    After spring there came floods
    And then something tripped
    Now it's endless drought...

  • nnmswrtr 112w


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    A tangled mess lying around but never bothered
    Tried to untangle to see if it still connects
    All the time and effort invested
    Was in vain as it's already broken...

  • nnmswrtr 113w


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    An year passed
    Lost and lonely yet I shouldn't stop
    All it took is one day for it to crumble
    It ain't completely dead but it sure isn't alive
    I never knew that I'll be the one to break you apart and leave you hurt
    I can still clearly feel your disgust and fear the day you left
    Writing this I can't help remember the darkest times you always had me
    But in the first place a butterfly never should have landed on a rotten fruit
    Like me.....